Olivia Crawford and Maggie Jackson interview

Maggie talked about her life and her future and what she hope and dreams for it to be

Kara talks to Lauren about her experiences in high school.

When asked about an event when she was a teenager, Kara Hattan talks about her friend who attempted suicide. She explains what happened and the outcomes. She also discusses the effect of this on her, and how she and her...

Interview With My Mom, Gail Linda Nagy Marner

This was an interview with my mother talking about her childhood, my childhood and her hopes for my siblings and I. We talked some differences in today’s society compared to life when she was a child.

Z November 29, 2018

We talked about a lot and our relationship and whatnot

Memories, Regrets, Future

Amanda Lucero talks about her favorite memory of me, what she wants to be remembered as. Also her wished for my future and her regrets

My Person of Inspiration
December 9, 2022 App Interview

My name is Piper Hansen and I interviewed my mother, Meredith Morin, on her life — past and present — and her accomplishments.

2020 Family Member Interview with Mom

We discussed my early childhood, her parenting decisions (to work part-time to spend more time with her kids), and her past dreams about how her life was going to go. She also shared her hopes for me and my future...

Bonita Vestal and Sarah Barber

Bonnie Vestal (75) and her daughter Sarah Barber (43) reflect on how Bonnie’s career as a pediatric oncologist influenced Sarah and her brother’s upbringing and their hopes for the future.

Nana’s Interview

In this Interview I, Lisette Santana, Interviewed my little sister Ariana santana. She is 15 years old and is a Freshmen in High school. We talked about things ranging from our past, friendships and our future.

Interview with Mom

A different perspective of life with valuable lessons learned.

The fam bam

I talked to my siblings about some of the things they hoped for and some of the things the believed, about me and themselves.

Neha Patel’s StoryTelling

I am Neha Patel, 17 years old, interviewing Seema Patel, my 41 year old mother about her life. We discuss her story and everything she has gone through to get us here today.

Storytelling Assignment

Today I interviewed my bonus mom and we talked all about her life and her hopes and regrets as well as what each other means to the other!

Peer Interveiw

Ryleigh talks about her experiences in life so far and reflects on them. She looks to the future and discusses her hopes and dreams.

Storytelling Assignment

In this interview we talked about life experiences through the narrative of my mother.


Past and present hopes and dreams

Timothy Gutierrez interviews Grandma Mary Ortiz Rodriguez (Wife Of US Veteran)

Today I interviewed my Grandma Mary Ortiz Rodriguez. I just asked her questions that would make forms great interview.

Tatiana Orlov and Linda Wang

Tatiana Orlov (27) tells Linda Wang (23) her reasons for moving to New York City, how her interests changed from working in the Music Industry to Community Involvement, and how she became involved with the non-profit organization Art for Change.

Wendy Cluley and Sarah Krauss

Wendy Cluley (40) talks with new friend Sarah Krauss (32) about her family as well as her time at the University of Texas at Austin and the McCombs School of Business. She also talks about what both of those places...

My Mom’s Wishes and Hopes

Bernarda recounts to her daughter, Bernice, her hopes and wishes for her family and her past.

Talk with my mom

I talk with my mom about her most sincere memory. And skim what she would like to be remembered as.