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Michael DiMonte and Rekha Shukla

In their One Small Step conversation, Michael DiMonte (68) and Rekha Shukla (55) talk about how they relate to immigration, with Rekha's history moving to the US with her family as a young girl, and with Michael's experience working abroad.

“I came to Wellesley not sure what was possible, but I left Wellesley knowing that nothing was impossible.”

Natalie Gill-Mensah ’03 speaks with close friend Liz Miranda ’02 about Miranda’s transformation at Wellesley during the 2000s, from a young woman with undefined aspirations, raised by a teenage mother, to one with the confidence to run for public office...

My Haitian Mother – Her Immigrant Experience

In this strange interview, which occurred on Friday, November 24th, I interviewed my mother, Carline Pierre-Jacques. It was about her overall experience about immigrating to America when she was 14 years old. Further, I had the opportunity to learn about...

Interview by Nicholas Carboni

An interview with Ivandro Carboni and Nicholas Carboni

John Cross and Jennifer Blanchard

Jennifer Blanchard (39) interviews her friend and colleague, John Cross (60), about the history of Brunswick, ME, his family, and working at Bowdoin College.

Living Through Communist Romania and Immigrating to the US

An interview with my father about how his life in Romania was growing up and his experience moving here.