Steve Culp and Emily Culp

Emily Culp, 30, interviews her father Steve Culp, 62 and invites him to tell her some of the many stories from his boyhood, that he shared with her while she was growing up.

The Life and Wisdom of Shawn Stover

Shawn Stover is the much-admired and respected Reentry Coordinator at Ohio Means Jobs of Athens County. He tells his life story, discusses his work with people leaving prison, and shares words of wisdom.

From behind "bars" to reading and singing "bars"!

After finding herself incarcerated, she found her voice and now shares it with the world. She found her "family" in song, and community.

Kim Lyons and Sayeeda Carter

Kim Lyons (53) and, friend, Sayeeda Carter (48) share their perspectives on the system of incarceration. They discuss the creating writing project Kim recently completed with women in the St Croix prison system and some alternative solutions that could revolutionize...

The Life and Wisdom of Diana Prinz

Diana tells her life story, speaking of family, addiction and recovery, incarceration and reentry, challenges and resilience, and shares words of wisdom gained through hard-fought experience.