Rosemary Badame, Robert Sima Krkljus, and Chris Brookes

Conversation partner Chris Brookes (73) interviews husband and wife Rosemary Badame (77) and Robert Sima Krkljus (71) about their lives in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and his immigration to the United States.

Laureen Sinyai and Clare Altland

Clare Altland (36) interviews her mother, Laureen Sinyai (68), about growing up in Bridgeport, CT. Laureen, who was raised in a Hungarian American household, reflects on the diverse immigrant communities in her neighborhood. She also remembers her mother, Mary Willard...

Alex North and Gene Lauria

One Small Step conversation partners Alex North (33) and Gene Lauria (34) talk about how immigration in their families shaped their beliefs and talk through Alex's dilemma of whether to send his child to public or private school.

Simon Levin and Mark Levin

Simon Levin (70) shares a conversation with his son, Mark Levin (42), about what led Simon to leave the USSR, about Mark being born in the USSR while Simon was in the US, and about the two of them not...

Shayna Jotani and her father talk about his experience as a first-generation immigrant to the United States from India.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2023 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Shayna Jotani interviews her father, Rick Jotani (50), about his experience moving to the United States from India in 1981. Dr. Jotani shares stories about seeing America for...

La vida de Sandra
November 27, 2023 App Interview

Esta es la historia de Sandra. Nació en Oaxaca, México queriendo ver sus papás que emigraron en Estados Unidos cuando ella solo tenía 14 años. luchó para cruzar la frontera y tener la vida que tiene ahorita.

Daisy Lynton and Deidad Vega

Friends Daisy Lynton (71) and Deidad “Enid” Vega (57) share a conversation about Daisy’s life growing up in Panama, how she came to the US, her work as a nurse, and her time living in Germany, El Paso, and Georgia,...

P. Thawin Pukhao and Chinda Tanner

Elmhurst Buddhist temple volunteer Chinda Tanner (63) and Monk P. Thawin Pukhao (53) discuss their personal histories and the history of the temple. They also discuss how they each contribute to their temple and what they hope for the Thai...

Vimal Nikore and Sonia Nikore

Sonia Nikore [no age given] talks with her mom, Vimal Nikore [no age given], about her life following the 1947 Partition of India. They discuss education as well as Vimal's decision to immigrate to the United States.

Kara Linn and Susan Mick
November 17, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Kara Linn (60), an executive head hunter from Casper, WY, and Susan Mick (64), a retired math teacher from Jackson, WY, sat down together for an in-person conversation at the Teton County Library in Jackson,...

Evelia Jiménez y Marlynn López Benítez

Marlynn Benítez (31) interviews Evelia Jiménez (69) about her experience as a Mexican immigrant in the US. We discuss what it was like growing up in Nayarit and what she learned after her traumatic journey to the US.

Kim Le and Duc Le

Kim Le (37) talks with her father, Duc Le (69), about his work during the Vietnam War, his last day in Vietnam, and his experience coming to the United States.

Ricardo Mazariegos and Ryo Mazariegos

Ricardo Alberto Mazariegos (57) shares a conversation with his daughter, Ryo Mazariegos (23), about how their family first came from Guatemala to arrive in the United States.

War in India and Immigration Through my Grandpa's Eyes

Rayna John (16) talks with her grandpa, Ulahanan John (80) about his experiences serving in the Air Force during the China-India War and the Indo-Pak war. Also discussed is his experience immigrating from South India to America.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Oliver Wasson and Anja Wasson

For Thanksgiving 2022, Oliver Wasson (17) sits down with his mother Anja Wasson (57) to discuss the concept of family. Anja, who immigrated from Germany by herself, speaks making the transition between German and American traditions.

Rabbi Ori Har (interviewee) and Maya Laur (interviewer)

Ori Har: 2020-06-03 Maya Laur, age 18, talks with her family friend Rabbi Ori Har age 66. They discussed her family history and how her legacy as a daughter of Holocaust survivors impacts her life today and lives of future...

Meet Ukrainian Folk Artist: Olga Kobryn

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Olga Kobryn of the National Ukrainian Women's League Branch 98 of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Olga is a part of the arts and culture committee that produces exhibits and conducts workshops among many other projects....

We came here for a better life. I am thankful that we found one.

Snejka Sotirova (82) talks to her granddaughter, Deia Colosi (13) about her life during the rise of communism in Bulgaria and their decision to immigrate. This interview was recorded in Port Jefferson on November 24, 2022. The topics discussed are...

Selena Vasquez and Daniela Serrano get personal with Immigration

In this interview, Selena Vasquez (19) asks Daniela Serrano (19) about her personal experiences with immigration years after her father was detained. As of the date of the recording (10/28/2020), it has been 10 months since the final date of...