Interview with Patti Carlson

An interview with my Mom about her childhood and lasting impressions throughout her life


This interview was with my former co-working, Aly. We talked about her life experiences, future plans, and her perception on the world.

Thanksgiving Grade 8 Project

The interview reviews topics such as childhood, work, personal life and much more.

Dad’s life

This is an in depth interview about the life of Robert Greiner. Both the good and the bad and how it has effected him.

Arlene Soto and Camilo Soto

Los esposos Arlene Soto (40) y Camilo Soto (42) comparten una conversación sobre sus familias, su hijo, las personas que han impactado sus vidas, y cómo les gustaría ser recordados. También hablan de sus culturas y de los consejos que...

From Nothing to Nurse

On Thanksgiving there are many things to be greatful for; friends, family, and turkey. On Thanksgiving Day of 2017 (November 26), in New Caanon Connecticut, Arlene Parker spoke about two of the three. She taught her granddaughter, Amanda Sedaka, about...

Talking to my mom about her childhood

Me and my mom talk about her childhood and Answers some questions. We talk about who she was as a person and who inspired her who she loved.

Me, My Grandpa And The Detroit Tigers

This is a touching story about Bill Fundaro as he talks about his life through the years. The main topic is his family and his many jobs he has had throughout his life. He is currently celebrating his 50th consecutive...

Recording – 11-17-2023 19:24:01

I, Chloe Grizzle (18), interviewed Jacob Bean (22). Jacob is my best friend and we discussed political ideology, influence, and his relationship with his wife Annie.

Interview with Emily Miller

Interviewed my mom about her experiences in life. English project for school.

Interview with Julie Posocco

Today we talked about what her life was like growing up and who she felt most influenced by

Our life

Shai contemplates the conflict between individualism and obligation to others

Life & Relationships
October 20, 2020 App Interview

Talked about some life influences and obstacles and the route to moving forward.

Interview with Omar. Enayah and her brother Omar talk about their family connection and self growth.

In this interview, conducted in November, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Enayah interviews her brother about their family connection and self growth. Omar shares some great memories he had as he was a child with his sister (siblings) and friends. He...

Final Interview

I decided to interview my Nana, Trish Shields, who is 75 years old. I discussed some topics centering around what she has learned in life, her values, what it was like raising my mom, and her advice for me. She...