Interview with Lynda Edwards

An interview with the owner of an animal rescue by one of her volunteers where different topics are discussed.

Rhys Pitner and her grandfather talk about growing up, memories, things were thankful for, and hopes for the future.

Rhys Pitner, 14 years old, participated in the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017 for her freshman English class. Rhys interviews her grandfather, Tom Alderman, about growing up, things were thankful for, and hopes for the future. During this interview Rhys learns...

Shanon Dupree and Lizzie Kazan

Shanon Dupree (63) and her case manager Lizzie Kazan (27) talk about Shanon's struggle to overcome domestic violence and where she thinks she is headed in the future.

Patrick McKinley, Grandma Interview

One person, event, or moment in your life that had the greatest impact

Abby Sands, Elizabeth Sands

We talked about how we enjoyed living near eachother and then how I was a as a child and how she has influenced me and my life.

Grandparent interview
February 2, 2018 App Interview

I asked them questions about there life growing up and side of their best memories.

English Interview

Main topics were childhood memories, influences on life, and family.

Anthony Pt 1

I interviewed Anthony Ramirez, gaining a deeper insight into his life.

History Assignment

I interviewed my dad about thoughts on both of our childhoods as well as his predecessors.

Doug Schraeder’s life
December 3, 2019 App Interview

Doug Schraeder’s influences in life and the lessons he learned. His most memorable moments. His job in Washington DC and why he took it. His current thoughts on the president. His lesson he would tell high school students.

Interview with Mom
December 20, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, we talked about who were the biggest influences on my mothers life. Also, we talked about the happiest moments in her life.

Arjun interviews his dad, Anand Gramopadhye, and Anand talks about his journey through life

In this interesting interview, Anand talks about a multitude of subjects. The topics include childhood in India and how he lead an active and fun youth life. This leads to influential figures in his life which have really shaped him....

Crystal reflects on her life, culture, family, and motherhood.

Jordy asks Crystal about growing up as a first-generation child and her childhood. He also asks questions reguarding her adult life as a mother and influences in her life.

Interview with Julie Posocco

Today we talked about what her life was like growing up and who she felt most influenced by

Thanksgiving Interview

The history of Dwan Wilson and his memories, influences, and relationships