Leslie Shimer and Merle Lee

One Small Step partners Leslie Shimer (67) and Merle "Louise" Lee (76) discuss their observations from living in Virginia and exchange anecdotes from their past.

Roo’s Ramblings

Kenly Brand (14) interviews her mom Rhonda Brand (46)on her family history and childhood experiences.

People and Places: The Influence They Have On Us

Janet shares the story of her brother, a close family member, who was gone too soon. She talks about how he inspired her and how she honors his life today by keeping his story alive.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

What growing up in Colombia was like and how the people and culture influenced her.

Dad’s Interview

This interview was with my dad where we covered his childhood, life lessons, parenting advice and more!

Interview with my Nana interviewed by Tate Laferrera

With my grandmother, we talked a lot about her childhood while growing up when she was younger. However, we also talked about her college experience and her profession as a teacher.