Katie Kennedy’s first traumatic childhood injury

The year was 1974 and Katie was only 5 years old. A simple fun day on the school playground turned into a not so fun day and the first big traumatic experience of her life.


a interview with Breandan (17), we talked about basketball, injury’s and so much more.

Dads bus story

While my grandfather was stationed in Italy my father was ran over by a bus. He was lucky to have no broken bones only muscle damage. Later when he returned to the United States it took him a while to...

Lexi Jones interviewing Abbie Genders

Within this interview, I am interviewing a UC volleyball player. This UC volleyball player overcame adversity to make a comeback to end up being a Captain on her team.

Carla Orellana

Carla Orellana [no age given] shares her experience as a blue star mother. She talks about what it was like learning that her son had been severely injured. She speaks about the practices and programs that help her and her...

The Vietnam war from my grandfathers view

My interview was over FaceTime I asked my grandpa about his experience in the Vietnam war he talked about how it affected his life going into it and after it he said that it didn’t have much of a big...

“I should have never been given a BB gun at that age.”

When Andrew Walski was 9 years old, he received a BB gun for Christmas. In this interview with his young brother, Ethan Walski, he recalls an incident in which he ends up shooting his toe.

Interview With My Dad

My dad grew up without much. There were multiple bad things that happened to him during his childhood. This interview tells the hardships he experienced.

Charles Mestayer and Franchesca Peña

Charles "Chuck" Mestayer (72) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] about surviving a car accident, the passing of his brother, and what he relied on during these difficult times.

13 Years Later

I interviewed my boyfriend about his accident- this month marks the 13 year anniversary. The recording cut off right before we were through- but you get the idea :-)

Melanie Abwe

The story of how I cut my ear open

Cherrie Galvin and Pamela Minton

Cherrie Galvin (77) and Pamela Minton (79) discuss the important work Neighbors Network of Lee county is doing for senior citizens, how they each got involved, and how they eventually decided to become facilitators and instructors.

Track Injury
December 6, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we listen to my roommate Kat retell her story of when she broke her foot during a track meet. Yet she still went on to become a D1 athlete.

Nadia Gove and Sheilah Snyder

Friends and colleagues Dr. Sheila Snyder (48) and Dr. Nadia Abraham Gove (46) discuss gun sports in Nebraska and the need for gun safety.

Peer interview

Description of Bryan and the sports that he grew up playing