Interview with Jesus de la Torre.

This interview is just of some ups and downs about Jesus de la Torres, life, childhood, and present.

Interviewing The Musician

This interview was conducted In my living room, on Wednesday October 18, 2019. I have interviewed my sister, who is also one of our vocalists. We mainly talked about the band, but some questions were a little more personal then...

PSY 348

This interview was mainly about speaking with my boyfriend about some of the key moments over the course of his life and some of the emotions he experienced along the way.

The interview of the century

I sit down with Jy'Maire O'Connor my second half and talk about things no other man has ever dreamed of.

Auntie sue

We talked a lot about our family history. We talked about her career as a teacher and things that happened in her past.

Grace Ericson interview

Today I interviewed grace and I got a good insight into the way she feels about me

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about the teenage stage and how that you can’t take your childhood for granted.Also adults are wiser and you should listen to the ones who give you good advice. Remember that they care and love you.They will always...

Entering college

One girl’s perspective on upcoming college experience

With Mom

Life story of my Mom and my relationship with her

Human trafficking interview

This interview was made to pay attention to the more darker parts of what’s really happening with the world today. My brother who is of 23 years of age has just got only a little bit of information of this...

Senior Project

This interview was about getting to know my best friend a little better with some deep questions.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Details about my father’s life perspectives/experiences