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Thanksgiving with my mom

Overall what was talked about was different aspects of my moms life and the things that have occurred to her and how she feels about various topics.

StoryCorps Interview For history

This interview involved me and my grandpa talking about his life growing up and what stood out to him the most

my first interview

we talked about my moms past experiences.

Victoria’s redo interview

About her future and how she never ever wants to have kids in her life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview took a lot of tries but at the end it was worth it because I learned a lot of stuff about her that I didn't know before

The Thoughts That Goes Through African American Boys .

We Asked About Their Childhood & What They Liked To Do When They Where Younger. What Their Favorite Memory Was & What Three Wishes They Would Wish For .

English (Interview)

We talked about my moms life and her hopes for me and my life.

Grayson Whitty, Bruce Vansickle, Powder Springs, GA, November 28, 2021

Grayson Whitty interviews her grandfather, Bruce Vansickle about his life, family job, and growing up. He was interviewed on November 28, 2021.

TWM interview project

We talked about my dads choices in life and our family

My Mom’s Life

In this interview I discussed ten questions with my mom about her life and how she grew up.

Daniela comes to America

In this interview me and Daniela discussed her move to America from Puerto Rico.

Story corps 4 hour

Questions that I asked my papa, were what did he want to be remembered as, what is his favorite memory with me, what is on thing he regrets the most, what was he most thankful for, and what was one...

World history interview

We talked about family. We also talk about what her life was like growing up.


I was interviewing brother. And asking him a couple of questions.

Broadcast Journalism Interview – Grandmother

22 minute interview with questions from about her grandparents to about her grandchildren.

Josiah Walker and Cash Walker

We talked about my dad's life as a kid and his experience in the military and about how I was like as a child.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

The interview seemed slightly shorter than I imagined and I was constantly improving what I was going to say. It also was a fun experience and I got to know more about Maryam. At first I thought that I already...

Jack Stuesser

This is about lisa stuesser (my mother) and a little bit about her life

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom to find out information I normally wouldn’t ask her about.

Integrative Leadership Interview

It is me interviewing my grandma about her life.

Interview for English project

I chose to do my mom for this interview.