Generation interview
December 10, 2019 App Interview

We talked about how it was like growing up as a kid and how she was 14 years older then her youngest sister . And how her mom and dad died in the same year


It was really nice knowing how my grandmas life was in the past and how she feels about it now

9/11 interview by Kaium Farhad

Didn’t know how to put the previous recorded interview here, so I made another one.


I talked to my dad about is childhood growing up and some facts I didn’t really know about him.

The Thoughts That Goes Through African American Boys .

We Asked About Their Childhood & What They Liked To Do When They Where Younger. What Their Favorite Memory Was & What Three Wishes They Would Wish For .

Doing democracy

Today I interviewed my Grandma. In the interview we talked about her life.

sister interview

We talked about mostly of the persons life and how it went about.


Annette Costas flashes back to her childhood under a roof of a pastor to what a day in life of a Boston public school teacher is


My mom and Italked about how her life was growing up.

Just a few questions

I learned a lot about my grandfather from asking him these questions

Grandpa on his life as a business owner

My gradfather owned a trailer axel and parts distribution wearhouse. Listen as he describes his life as a former business owner.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom to find out information I normally wouldn’t ask her about.

Interview with Mrs. McDonel

We had a very good interview. It was a total of 15 questions.

StoryCorps Project -Grandpa

We talked about my grandpas life as a child and how it affects him now.

Interview With My Mom

Her life and the influence of other people in her life.

Osvaldo interview

In this interview we talked about life.