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Interviewing my dad as a business owner

I had asked my dad a series of questions on his childhood and starting and continuing his business to be successful

Interview with Dad

We talked about my fathers past and what made him here today. He also talked about me and our relationship as a family.

My ex best friend :(

It was for a school thing but listening to it now just brings back horrible memories n wish he was never apart of my life

Me my Grandma, and my Grandpa

What I wanted my interview to be about is getting to hear things I have never heard before

Interview With My Mom

Her life and the influence of other people in her life.

World History Interview

It was a good 12 minutes, I learned a lot of stuff about my Grandma that I didn’t know. She told me a lot of great memories she had about her life, I found it very interesting

Rohit Rajagopalan-Interview with my dad

Interview with my dad. Recounts life in India and how he has changed

My Mom’s Life

With God's help my mother was able to make a way for our family

Family Interview Uncle David Murphy

A interview with my Uncle talking about life, when he was a teenager and beliefs

Thanksgiving Project

My family’s heritage and memory’s from my moms point of view!

Interview at thanksgiving

In this interview we mainly talked about personal questions that related to her

practice with jaime

We talked about, Jaimes favorite colors, fictional characters, grandparents and where he’s from.

Personal interview

We talked about family dynamics how different the relationship is with our family

School Interview

He answered every question honest and with good answers

Growing up

Today we talked about the way of life and what growing up is like for different people.

Interview for grandpa

This was a very interesting interview we talked about my dads life and my grandparents.

sister interview

We talked about mostly of the persons life and how it went about.

PT Interview

I asked my sister 10 questions to get to know her better.

Auntie Paula 101

We talked about racism, her childhood, and many more topics.