Emily and Art talk about Art’s life

My grandfather is the son of Polish immigrants, and on March 19, 2016, I interviewed him during a family reunion in Seattle about his adventurous life growing up in New York City, and working in the Arctic as a geologist.

Fellow Brazilian and naturalized US citizen Jessica Da Silva interviews George Woyames

In honor of Latino/a and Hispanic Heritage Month, San Francisco Village Wellness coordinator Jessica Da Silva (34) interviews SFV member George Woyames (77) about what he would want other generations to know about being Latino in his generation.

Marching for Black lives: a conversation with my 8 year old son

Theodore and his mother Colleen talk about attending marches in support of Black rights in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

Stephenson & Darby — Stonewall OutLoud – Intergenerational

Stephenson and Darby discuss their lives as trans people--one from the perspective of a young trans man (19). The other from the perspective of an older trans woman (58).

Cailey Beck interviews Gilbert Kim

Gilbert Kim is an elderly resident at Menlo Apartments, as well as a father to three children and grandfather to 2. Working as a teacher (for elementary, middle, and high school) in Korea during the seventies, he has seen firsthand...

David DeBlieck and Ronnette Trulson

David DeBlieck (52) and his dance student, Ronnette "Roni" Trulson (70), talk about their journey with dance, dancing while aging, and the importance of bringing dance to the community.

Three generations on growing up as a woman.

Mary Catherine Hustoles, Mary Beth Hustoles and Ilana Jakubowski discuss generational differences of growing up as a woman.

Chaerin Sung interviews Jong Park

Jong Park is a 75-year-old senior who is currently living in the Menlo Apartment with her husband. She was born in Masan, South Korea and studied Theology at a small college in Seoul, South Korea. Jong and her husband worked...