A Word with Dr. Robin

(Updated 1/6/21: Edited to improve sound and decrease overlap caused by delay.) In an overdue reunion, Robin Wilson graced me with an hour of her Sunday to share her story. She passed down a major portion of my teaching-for-justice toolbox...

Student Mindfulness and Intersectionality

Nancy and JQ talk about the SNC community, being a sociology major, a Cassandra Voss Center staff member, and how we bridge all of these ways we think about ourselves and others.

Alaska Woods and Ashton Haslam

Significant others Alaska Woods (20) and Ashton Haslam (21) discuss how their disabilities impact their experiences in queer spaces. They emphasize the need to better accommodate intersectional identities in queer spaces and reflect upon how, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Ashley Cornelius and Chris Beasley

Partners Ashley Cornelius (32) and Chris Beasley (39) come together to talk about their grassroots organization, Poetry 719, the only Black-led poetry organization in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They reflect on the importance of creating space for BIPOC and their experiences,...

Ken Mejia-Beal and Kim Hunt

Kim Hunt (57) and her friend, Ken Mejia-Beals [no age given], talk about their lives and work, particularly related to intersectionality within activist movements and communities.

Dr. Loraine Hutchins

Dr. Loraine Hutchins is an American bisexual and feminist author, activist, and sex educator. She is the co-editor of Bi Any Other Name: bisexual people speak out. Her 2001 doctoral dissertation, Erotic Rites: A Cultural Analysis of Contemporary U.S. Sacred...

Cory Carline and Joseph Torres

Cory Carline (33) interviews their adopted uncle, fairy godfather, and forever mentor Joseph Torres (58) about how his identities have informed his life. Joseph shares reflections on being gay and Two Spirit as well as his Indigenous Mexican and Oneida...

3rd Generation Jamaican in Britain

I interviewed my friend Neicia who I admire a lot because she is an extremely successful woman, and she has faced a lot of struggles to be where she is incluiding, discrimination from her own community. She once told me...

George-Henry Hastie and Susan Trotz

Friends George-Henry Hastie (51) and Susan Trotz (63) discuss the origins of the Boston Dyke March, their involvement in its creation, and how it has evolved over time. They talk about their histories of activism in the LGBTQ+ community, and...

Identity, family, culture and intersectionality

Discussion with Rishika Gokhale about family, identity, living in three different countries, culture and intersectionality.

Pilar McCloud and Matthew Billings

One Small Step conversation partners Pilar McCloud (53) and Matthew Billings (48) discuss politics and intersectionality.

Mai Lo Lee and Elizabeth Lo

Sisters Mai J. Lo Lee (43) and Elizabeth "Beth" Lo (49) talk about their early childhood memories, things they've had to unlearn, and their shared devotion to Mai's daughter Seenia.

Sheryl Olitzky and Atiya Aftab

Atiya Aftab (53) and her friend and cofounder Sheryl Olitzky (65) discuss how their interfaith, multicultural friendship inspired them to start their non-profit, Sisterhood Salaam Shalom which is a program that encourages friendship, dialogue, and action among Muslim and Jewish...

Frances Vicioso, Regan Hanley, and CoCo Marie

Colleagues and board members of OutFront Kalamazoo Frances Vicioso (34), Regan Hanley (63), and CoCo Marie (46) share their journeys coming into their identities, reflecting on how the queer experience takes shape across different generations and communities. The three also...