Derek Watt and Kathleen Traphagen

One Small Step conversation partners Derek Watt (52) and Kathleen Traphagen (57) connect on having teenagers going off to college, caring for elderly parents, and farming. Derek shares about his values and what troubles him about the way people who...

Mohamed Shoreibah and Lynda Wilson

One Small Step conversation partners Mohamed Shoreibah (47) and Lynda Wilson (72) discuss immigration, political misinformation, Birmingham's history of racism and political struggle, and their hopes for its future.

Georgette Bisoka and Fowzia Adan

Georgette Bisoka (23) and her friend Fowzia Adan (25) share their experiences as refugees living in Boise, Idaho. They discuss moving to the US, finding community, and the importance of self-advocacy for refugees.

Maali Luqman and Rasheda Al-Asbahi

Maali Luqman (36) speaks with her sister-in-law Rasheda Al-Asbahi (37) about their experiences as Muslim women in the United States, their family history, heroes, and role models, and their reflections from parenthood and teaching.

Seth Gilman and Lois Gilman

Lois Gilman (68) interviews her son Seth Gilman (37) about his role as a rescue worker in the aftermath of 9/11, and his decision to become a teacher and educate students about the attacks.

Emma Wayne and Zade Haddad

[Recorded: Tuesday, March 19th, 2024] UVA Students Zade Haddad (21) from Fairfax, Virginia and Emma Wayne (22) from Charlottesville, Virginia recorded a One Small Step conversation as part of their course 'Lead From Anywhere.' Following basic introductory information, the major...