Sally: my honored elder.

I asked my grandma about her childhood as I have never really gotten a chance to know about that. I also got to learn about her wishes and how she looks back on the questions a asked her.

Story Corps Interview

In this interview, we talked about what childhood was like, jobs/ hobbies, and religion.

Family Career Development Interview Jim Ostapa

This interview is a conversation I had with my grandpa. Throughout this interview we talked about his perception on work and how it pertains to our family.

A Conversation About Life

A conversation with my aunt about her life and the things she went through. From her biggest dreams that could’ve been accomplished to her constant jobs she had when she was younger while being a single mother. The importance of...

my mom

her childhood and young years

Thanksgiving Listen M.C. WCCC

Talked about life experiences of jobs, childhood, and raising kids.

Naomi Jacob and her father Rajesh Jacob talk about his career journey.

In this interview, that took place on November 29, 2018 in St. Paul, Texas, Naomi Jacob (14) interviews her father Rajesh Jacob (47) about his career journey and his workplace experiences. Mr. Jacob talks about his current career and the...

Life in California During the 80’s as a Young Korean, Discussed by Jin Kim.
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Murrieta, California. Reece Kim (15) interviews his father Jin Kim (45) about life in California during the 80's and so on. Mr. Kim shares stories about his life during his high school...

Thanksgiving Listen Official

Talked with my mom about her memories, jobs, and challenges faced during her life all while she was baking.

My Grandma Cheryll

My Grandma and I talked about her childhood and what she was like as a child. We talked about her dad who passed away and also about my parents.

Grandma’s life and experiences

Caleb (13) interviews his Grandmother (75) and asks about her life and experiences. This interview was conducted over Zoom, so the audio quality for my Grandmother may not be the best.

A very brief look into my dads life

I started by asking him questions about school. I learned that he liked it because of his friends and that he used his money he made to pay for car payments. I also asked him questions about his jobs and...

Interview 1

In this Interview conducted in November 2018 in Sidney,Montana.Ashton Neu interviews grandmother Bonnie Neu about her childhood on the farm.Bonnie also shares about her family experiences.At the end Bonnie talks about her memories of me as a child.