Richard Shannon(82) talks with his granddaughter, Erin Shannon(16) about what life was like living in the country in the 1940's nad 50's. He talks about going to school in a small country schoolhouse without power, to which he rode horse...

All about you

An interview with my grandma to talk about her life growing up, the type of jobs she had and what those jobs Involved. Also there is so much advice that is great for life...

Genealogy Interview

My dad talked me me about his childhood, jobs and our ancestors.

Grandpa Interview

In this interview, conducted in Andover, MN, Trea Houska (14) interviews her grandpa, Bob Houska (84) about his life growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota. Bob talks about his favorite hobbies as a child during the Great...

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Mom and me
November 24, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my mom to get to know her better and how she ended up in the place she is now.


We talked a lot about childhood and school. Just like me he doesn’t like it and was bad at it

Thanksgiving Listening Part 2

Memories of family, coming to the U.S for the first time, opinions on job, and what was life like back then in a village or in Mexico.

Family finances

We talked about finances and income throughout life

my moms job

Its interview with my mom about her job in Poland

Interviewing Grace

I chose it interview my sister, she is a current high school student and I wanted to see what she was thinking about school wise for the future.

Moments through life with my big sister!

This interview was about two sisters in Pineville, La taking a trip to “memory lane”! This talk included conversations about childhood, current jobs, influences, and impacts on daily life during a pandemic! This interview was very interesting, it gave me...

Interview with Emma McNamara
February 1, 2022 App Interview

Joined with her dad who answered 7 questions. A mix of childhood, stories, school, jobs, and adulthood questions.

Noelle reimer great thanksgiving interview

Throughout this interview, we talked about many things like the past and present. We talked about my dads life growing up, his job, and more.

Michele and Her Life as a Child, Young Adult and Middle Aged Woman

This interview took place in Canton Michigan at my mothers work, Victory Toyota, inside a break room while having lunch at 3pm on November 18th, 2021. It was just me (age 27) and my mother Mitchele (age 46). She is...