Emily Peleschak talks with her grandmother, Dorothy Kuperavage, about her life in Jonestown, Pennsylvania.

During late November 2018, Emily Peleschak (age 16) interviewed her grandmother, Dorothy Kuperavage (age 68) in Port Carbon, Pennsylvania. Dorothy gave insight into her simple childhood that was heavily filled with playing outside with the neighborhood kids. She also shared...

Katarina Fenner and her Mom Linda Fenner talk about elections, religion, spirituality, and advice. (pt. 3 of 3)

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chandler, Arizona, Katarina Fenner (13) interviews her Mom Linda Fenner (47) about her jobs, elections, religion, spirituality, and advice. Mrs. Fenner shares her opinions about several elections, especially the 2016 election. She...

Daily life in the 1950s

In this interview on December 1, 2018 in Plano Texas Kylie Lodes interviews her grandma Patricia Fuller about her life growing up. She talks about where she was born and what her school life was like as a child and...

Getting to know more about my Mom!!

My mother grew up in Hollywood, had some pretty cool parents and had some fun adventures as a child. She went into the medical field and became a pediatrician in the ER at CHKD. And then she became a mother...

Theresa Kilgore and her grandma Ann-Eda Blache talk about her life and their family legacy

In this interview, held in April 2018 in Orange, CA, Theresa Kilgore (23) interviews her grandma Ann-Eda Blache (82) about her life, their family, and her inspirations. The interview takes place in Ann-Eda’s home, which is two houses away from...

Ma-Ma and I (Savannah) discuss her childhood and what it was like growing up.

Ma-Ma shared how her life was during the 50’s and 60’s. She asked shared the views of the Catholic Church on schooling, sex, and dances.

Guenther Story Corps Assignment 2018

We talked about his jobs and previous jobs he had while growing up as well as some good influences he had growing up.

Interview of Linda Gardell – Campbell Hall

Today we interview my grandmother about what it was like to grow up in Pittsburgh and a few other topics. We also talked about family and happy memories. Enjoy!

A talk with me and my Step father

A conversation about life in the art world

Steven Toth’s Life

In this interview myself (Spencer Toth Age 14) talked to my dad (Steven Toth Age 59) In Towson, Maryland. We talked about about his life and his time in Ohio, Maryland , and Texas. We also talked about his past...

Una tarde con mis Padres

Mis Padres conversando conmigo un dia entre semana por la tarde de sus experiencias en la vida

Parker Woodward (Mr. Nichols) p.6

We talked about what he would do when he got older, our great grandpa, and death. The interview was fun and I was intrigued to know a little bit more about my brother.

Lloyd Lacy Jr.s Past

This interview is about my grandfathers childhood, his future dreams, his bad deeds as a kid, education, regrets, summers, entertainment, and the jobs he kept as a teen.

English interview

In this interview my dad talked ab when he was a teenager and his jobs.

Learning my moms story

Today I interviewed my mother about her life before and after having kids. She told me new stories I never got to hear and we had a good time.

Anne and Domenic Pulitano talk about their life.

Will Ebmeyer interviews Anne and Domenic Pulitano about their life, including their childhood, school experiences, job experiences, and thanksgiving. This interview was made as part of an English school project.

where my dad started

my name is annie moyer and i interviewed my dad, peter moyer. this interview took place at my house, in valley village. i am fifteen years old. my dad’s boss paid for a conference trip to los angeles that changed...

A Look Into My Grandpa’s Past

We talked about his relationship with my Grandmother. We also talked about hunting.

GreatThanksgivingListen2018 Interview

I talked to my grandmother about Religion, Military, Work, Elections, and Love and Relationships