Life’s turning point

In this interview, I talked to my sister about her life experiences and her life’s turning point. She talked about how she struggled with studies and how she copes up with it and succeed.

A Disrupted Childhood

Imagine being 11 years old, fleeing from your country to escape a civil war. Alfonso Campos didn’t have to imagine this, he experienced it. Olivia Campos, his 14 year old daughter, has interviewed him about the early years of his...

Interview with mom

Interview with my mother at home about her journey to the United States

Mother and Daughter interview

This interview covers several questions reflecting on the life of a mother.

Life’s Journey

We talked about was her journey in Peace Core to Benin.

From Alaska to Maryland

A daughter interviews her mother about her journey from Alaska to Maryland.

My Fathers Journey

My father and I got the chance to really sit down and speak a little about his experience coming to the United States . There were many things I learned about what it was like when my father first came...

Emily Dawson interview

The interview is about my mom’s story and her experience coming to the United States from Brazil.

Women’s Voices Interview Project

This interview revolves around the journey of Katie Danforths’ life, her upbringing and struggles.

My mom’s weight loss story

My mom has being on a journey to lose weight and this is her story.

"The journey will still continue on"

During this interview Uma Pendkar interviewed Camilla Pedersen, a mother and a writer, who was born in South Korea but was adopted to Norway. She described herself as very curious girl growing up with “a lot of questions”. Later in...

Biking Across America

My father’s epic bike ride in his teenage years

A War On Two Fronts

Not long ago, people of color were more heavily mistreated, denied opportunities, and denied respect based on one thing. On November 29th, 2017, 14 year old Jason Ridley interviews his 85 year old grandfather, John Ridley III, about his time...

Papa interview

Summary of Manuel’s journey to America and family.

My Mother’s Journey

“…it’s never too late to stand back up from your mistakes or failures.” Leia Zamora interviews her mother, Roxanna Zamora, in their home in Queens, New York. Roxanna Zamora tells her story of growing up and finding her own path...

Final part
December 4, 2018 App Interview

His life after coming to the US

The Necessary Transitions

On November 24th, 2017, in Sherman Oaks, California, fourteen year old Gehna Chugani interviewed her grandmother, Chitra Chugani about her close knit family, her childhood, and her move from Pakistan to India to the U.S.A. The happy memories from when...

First Journey to the USA

My grandfather Kam Kaza recounts his first journey from India to America that involves a challenge he overcame.

Peter King & Christian Clark

In this interview, Christian Clark elaborated on his future plans as a high schooler while also looking back on his journey getting to where he is.

Adv Comp: Mr. Prasad’s Life

Discussed his journey to America as well as his professional Journey to where he is today and where he sees himself going in the future.

Lisa Cruz and her daughter Layla Rivera talk about her past and future growing up in Chicago,Illinios

In this interview, confucted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinios, Layla Rivera(15)interviews her mother Lisa Cruz(42) about her childhood in a rough journey. Ms.Cruz describes her struggles and experinces growing up in a ruff neighborhood of Chicago. She talks about...

November 26, 2018 App Interview

My journey through life