Thanksgiving Listen 2018

Interview with my mother about her childhood, advice she has held onto, and what she wishes for my future.

Marie Santiago and Danny Santiago

Spouses Marie Santiago (31) and Danny Santiago (33) sit down for a conversation about the highs and lows of the years that they have spent together and offer some of the wisdom that they have gained along the way.

Nursing Then and Now In Linda’s Words

Linda is 77 years old and has worked in nursing for 60 years. She shares stories, words of wisdom and what brings her joy.

Erin DeMarines and Brandie McCallum

Friends Erin DeMarines [no age given] and Brandie McCallum [no age given] share a conversation about plant-based eating, fitness, health, nutrition, and the business that Erin started.

Ruby Sharlow, Felicia Brown, and Janell Sharlow

Ruby Sharlow (87) talks to her daughter Janell Sharlow (60) and family friend Felicia Brown (60) about her experience owning a restaurant and important lessons she has learned in life.

What Brings Me Joy

My name is Nate Shuman and I am in 12th Grade at the Dalton School in NYC. I started The Joy Project to create a space where individuals can listen and share what brings them joy and makes them happy....

My Granfather’s Story

For this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Warsaw, Indiana, Colin Temple (17) interviews his grandfather Richard May (77) about his general life. Mr. May is sharing the stories of his life based on general life questions to talk with...

Thanksgiving listen

Throughout the interview i learned the about how me and my siblings impacted my mom as a person

Melissa Del-Colle and Lori Motola

Melissa talked about discovering who she *really is later in life, shifting her priorities to exclude the expectations of others, the correlation between value and joy and the role higher education plays in our ability or inability to figure out...

Rita Blank and Barbara Goldstein

Friends and colleagues, Rita Blank (71) and Barbara Goldstein (63), reflect on how being children of Holocaust survivors has affected their lives and perspectives and discuss their work at the Holocaust Education Resource Council.

Moments of Joy -James Morgan

In this recording I share my earliest joyful memories, what brings me joy and who I am grateful for.

flora gean

What time was like durning my mama’s life

Lancelot Davis and Lorelle Nelson

Spouses Lancelot Davis (79) and Lorelle Nelson (81) share a conversation about their perspectives on joy and death in the face of Lancelot’s precognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease. They also reminisce about the adventures they have had and appreciate...

Mary Ann Shares Wisdom

Mary Ann shares stories of growing up, meeting her husband, and advice for future generations.


Thanksgiving conversation with Dad.

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom about her life in general. And some of her biggest accomplishments

Jason Lauritsen and George Wilder

Jason Lauritsen (51) shares a conversation with his friend George Wilder (79) about botany, herbaria, the environmental impact that humans have on the planet, studying plant anatomy and morphology, and about seeing beauty, pattern, and symmetry in nature.

Frank personal life

His name is frank he is 17 he is my classmates we talk about his life as a kid and how was it growing up in school and which pets he liked.

Jess Torres and Susie Baldwin

Jess Torres (35) talks with their friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. Susie Baldwin (54), about their work in anti-trafficking and the vision they have for how the work should evolve. Jess talks about some of their mentors, shares proud moments...