Julie Kaufman and Beth Wright for Stonewall OutLoud

Beth and Julie tell Karen about falling in love at Oberlin College, moving to California and later Chicago for graduate school, finding a welcoming Episcopalian church, having a ceremony, beginning their journey to have children during the AIDS epidemic, becoming...

Interviewing my father about my grandpa (his father)
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Recently my grandpa (Steve Straus) was killed in a shooting in chicago. It was very sudden and my family and I are heartbroken. Even though I knew some stuff about him from the many encounters we shared, I felt as...

Marianne Kast and Jason Johnson

One Small Step partners Marianne Kast (70) and Jason Johnson (50) have a conversation comparing their experiences working in education and with school resource officers. They talk about the importance of voting and not engaging in political discussions online.

Sam and Lois Interview

Sam interviews his grandmother (Lois) on his late grandfathers journey to the United States as he and his parents escaped Nazi Germany.

Leslie Shimer and Merle Lee

One Small Step partners Leslie Shimer (67) and Merle "Louise" Lee (76) discuss their observations from living in Virginia and exchange anecdotes from their past.

Vi and Mom

My mom and I talked about religion as we made matzah ball soup.

Kyle and Liam – 5/11/23

My name is Kyle and I am 20 years old. I interviewed a friend who I met at college, Liam, who is also 20. The majority of the interview topics that we’re discussed were his upbringing and how his Jewish...

Andrew Kohen and Elissa Sachs-Kohen

Andrew "Andy" Kohen (79) shares a conversation with his daughter, Elissa Sachs-Kohen (50), about Elissa coming out, their family, their values, spirituality, social justice, acting on behalf of others, and future happiness.

Interviewing Barbara Levine, my amazing grandmother!

I asked my grandmother about her childhood and how she wants to affect the world. I generated an understanding of how our major family tradition is to to good in the world.

Stefanie Stone and Elizabeth Weirba

Stefanie Stone (26) interviews her aunt, Elizabeth Weirba (52), about immigration, culture, and a Jewish identity.

Marion Greenup and Nancy Levy Torres

Marion Greenup (74) interviews her friend, Nancy Hannah Levy Torres (76), about her life, faith, and at times, fraught relationship to her Jewishness.

Robert Norman and Mark Rentschlar

Friends Robert "Rob" Norman (66) and Mark Rentschlar (58) share a conversation about writing, reading, medicine, and the value of stories.

Strengthening Familial Ties: The Impact of Religious, Sexual, and Personal Identities

Samantha Hano talks with her new friend, Katharine Baker, about the interplay between her various religious, sexual, and personal identities, and the role these identities play in strengthening familial ties.

interview for school with dede

I learned a lot about my grandad and his life in this interview. It was very interesting to learn about him and his history and I have a lot of respect for him.

Immigrating to the United States from the Soviet Union

An interview of life in the Soviet Union and immigration to the United States. The interview was conducted with a grandparent who lived in the Soviet Union.

Sasha Lewis and Julius Rothlein

One Small Step partners Sasha Lewis (45) and Julius "Jules" Rothlein (74) discuss their faith backgrounds, raising a transgender child, and some of the experiences that shaped their political views.

Irwin Goldenberg and Judith Vivell

Judith Vivell (82) interviews her new acquaintance Irwin Goldenberg (82) about the death of his grandmother, his long commitment to abortion rights, and the social work he's accomplished as a Rabbi.

StoryCorp history project: Mannon Kaplan

I interview my grandfather about his Jewish identity and his parents and grandparents

Rabbi Klass Interview – Judaism

Interview with Rabbi about what it means to be Jewish, best part about the job and faith in general.