An Interview with Maria, an immigrant

Maria talks about how her life in America and how it’s better now than it was before when she lived in Mexico.

Interview with Stephine (situational questions)

In this interview, I asked Stephine 12 questions based on a situation and what she would do. These questions related back to the ideas of freedom, God, justice, morality, etc.

Petra Gertjegerdes, Carol Gertjegerdes, and Helmut Gertjegerdes

Petra Gertjegerdes (47) shares a conversation with her parents, Carol Gertjegerdes (78) and Helmut Gertjegerdes (86), about their childhoods, how Carol and Helmut ended up moving to Columbus, Georgia, and about running the newspaper The Columbus Times.

Marisa Pavan and Terrah Pavan

Spouses Marisa Pavan (41) and Terrah Pavan (35) share a conversation about the legal process of amending their daughter's birth certificate after the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

Eleanore Powell and Lyn Rucker

Lyn Rucker (71) recalls to her daughter Eleanore "Colgan" Powell (25) her involvement with the Civil Rights movement and disability activism.

Creating a racial justice hero: Rachel Willis of Elevating Equity

This interview details how racial justice advocate Rachel Willis became who she is today as well as the personal and professional battles she faces everyday to create a flourishing legacy for herself and her country.

Interview with Uncle Ray Wakulik

Interview with my uncle on his experience while incarcerated before and after.

An Interview With my Mother, Maria

Maria talks about how her life in America and how it’s better now than it was before when she lived in Mexico.

Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson and Philbert "PJ" Henderson Jr.

Philbert “PJ” Henderson Jr. (32) interviews his mother, Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson (57), about her life experiences and the evolution of The Bakari Foundation. They also talk about the death of Bakari Henderson and the importance of continuing to grow...

I Defend Criminals For a Living

As a young girl, I always knew what the general meaning of my father’s job as a criminal defense attorney entailed. Yet, as I dove into difficult questions discussing issues of justice, mental health, and past clients, I learned far...

Nicholas Piediscalzi and Christy Hightower

Nicholas Piediscalzi, a retired United Church of Christ minister, talks to us about his personal experience and relationship to peace, as well as his work in peace-making in larger settings. As a minister in Chicago in the 1940s and 1950’s...

Curtis Reliford and Christy Hightower

Curtis Reliford talks about overcoming racism and serious adversity to find and fulfill his life's purpose which is helping those who are experiencing hard times: hurricane Katrina victims and the Navajo and Hopi people. Curtis describes how he follows his...

McLane Evans and Gilbert Evans

McLane Evans (51) shares a conversation with her father, Gilbert Evans (80), about Gilbert’s work as a poll observer for the federal government to support the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

December 2, 2020 App Interview

my dad and i talk about what his life was like at my age(17) and about his experience in prison