The 1960’s

I interviewed my grandpa on life in the 60’s

Grandpa Tom

Tom Mann talks about his political experience growing up (4 days after his 70th birthday!)

Grandpa-Living History Project

1960’s experience when he is was about 21 years old

Kennedy Assassination

My Grandma is 76 years old and she was 17 at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

Marilyn Aldana speaks about her experiences on loving life while not being dealt the best hand.

Participants are Christopher Aldana, fifteen years old, and his great grandmother, Marilyn Aldana who is seventy-eight years old. Topics spoken about were elections, family, and death.

United States History- Colleen Garden

Interview with grandparents about Vietnam War and Kennedy

The Space Shuttle Challanger of 1986

In this interview my grandmother recalls the tragic event of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.

Brenda Stovall 11/27/18

Me interviewing my grandma about her past growing up in Georgia in the 50’s and 60’s

Mr. love

This interview is between two friends that lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident.

1960s (JFK)

Interview about the 1960s, primarily the role of John F Kennedy

Kennedy and the 1960s

My grandmother talks about her memory of the decade.

lhp 4/24/22

My Grandma and I talked about the events and occurrences of the 1960s and the way that they effected the current and former political scenes.

Ed Dunn – a former Marine in the late 1950’s.

A brief interview with Ed Dunn, a Marine in the late 1950’s. Within our conversation, we discussed where he was stationed, life for him as a Marine, segregation, and how the Marines shaped him as a person and how he...

Thanksgiving Day chat 2018 with Helen Kuncio Bauman, 89 years young.

Helen Bauman, born of Ukrainian immigrants in 1929 recounts life as a child of the Depression while growing up on a farm in Macungie, PA. She also remembers key moments in history such as her feelings during WWII and the...

Kennedy administration

I interviewed my grandmother about the Kennedy administration and the way it influenced her life. We spoke about all the ways he changed the nation.