Recording – 11-18-2023 16:37:04

Olive Tellegen interviews Elisabeth Tellegen (Her mom), Kate Cusato (Aunt), and Matt Prinkey (Uncle). Despite Elisabeth being adopted and not meeting her siblings until she was 21, they have been very close for decades and share crazy (slightly dirty) stories...

An Amazing Interview With My Mom,Grandma and Aunt!

The interviewer, Autumn Pickarski(17). Interviews with their 3 family members. Joni Simon(Grandmother,65),Christy Hiatt(Aunt,39) and Elisa Hiatt(Mother,42). They discuss topics about how they grew up,what school was like for them,ancestry etc. They share their stories and thoughts throughout the interview.

Interview with My Dad!

I interviewed my dad, Frank Pittman. We discussed a range of things. We began by talking about his earliest childhood memories and his most vivid memories. Then, my question about his greatest accomplishment led to a familial discussion, most notably,...

Dominick Basile – Early Years Vol. 1

Richard Basile: 2022-05-01 19:06:28 Conversation between Dominick Basile and Richard Basile on May 1, 2022, discussing Dominick's early years.

Evelyn Seda-Sierra and Erick Sierra

Erick, 35, interviews his mother Evelyn, 55. They mostly discuss Evelyn’s mother, Cruz AKA “Mamacita” - her story and how she shaped future generations of the family.

Jo Seiden and Styra Goldblatt

Styra Goldblatt: 2021-11-27 23:03:33 Jo Seiden (72) is interviewed by her granddaughter, Styra Goldblatt (16), about her childhood and family life, teenage years, and her years of parenting. Jo talks about her favorite memories, the role of religion in her...