Dolores Sheff and Nancy Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dolores Sheff (63) and Nancy Jones (70) discuss voting for different parties, but sharing many common interests and opinions around being compassionate towards others, education, money in politics, abortion, gun control, anti-depressants and joy.

Fairy Diamond and Nancy Leed

Fairy Diamond [no age given] speaks with friend Nancy Leed (72) about her family and experience as a refugee to the US from Thailand. She shares memories of arriving, getting settled, and learning English. Fairy and Nancy also talk about...

Isabel Esquivil and Christina Ramos

Isabel Antonia Esquivil ,62, and her sister Christina "Tina" Natividad Ramos, 43, about the history of their family's "Mex-icatesssen", La Borinqueña, founded in Oakland, CA by their grandmother in 1944. They now own and run the restaurant, and here they...