My Dad’s Journey
November 28, 2022 App Interview

A small recording of my dad's childhood.

Star Wars and Gummy Bears

Kate Masengill (26) interviews her husband Nathan Masengill (24) about his childhood, work, their marriage.

Aunt Penny

She did not like school growing up, she loves all thanksgiving food. She loves her husband.

Interview 11/30 #broncohistorian

This is an interview of my mom, she talks about her life and which people has made a big impact on her

Nick and Steve talking about Steve’s life.

This is me talking to my grandfather Steve. We talked about a lot of things but Manley about his life. This helped me learn a lot of things . This was very good to hear and I liked this project.


Even though you can’t hear it in my dads voice, he is a happy guy and has lived a great life so far.

Thanksgiving Talk !!!

During this interview I learned a lot about the person that I was interviewing. I learned there passion there accomplishments Even learned the explanations of why this person is the way they are. Taking the time so sit down and...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Dan Armstrong’s life from childhood to now. What it was like growing up for him.

Sonal Sandhu and Karamvir Brar

Sonal Sandhu talks about her experiences and thoughts about her childhood and early adulthood.

The Wisdom of Grandma May

This interview was a very powerful interview with my grandma about her life. I learned that she had a bunch of interesting jobs that I had no idea about. She worked hard throughout her life and got everything she wanted...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We discussed her life growing up. We also discussed our family now and how it has made her who she is today.

Thanksgiving interview with a mother and daughter

This interview was recorded on the 26th of November in Odette's house with her daughter Anita. In this interview Anita and Odette discuss Odette's childhood and life. Odette talks about how she lived and what she wants in life for...

Interview w/ my dad
January 6, 2020 App Interview

My dad explains the hard and good things about life, parenting, and what he wants from me.

“Person with a Purpose”

During Thanksgiving, Jeffrey interviewed his mother, Corinna. Throughout the discussion, Jeffrey ask questions about her identity such as her childhood that made her the person she is today. To add on, Corinna also discusses a few life lessons and experiences...

Blanche’s incredible life.

People who have been there in Blanches’s life.


Interview taken with bella Nabers nanna

All about Vijaya!

Shreya Ganesh is a 17 year old senior in high school interviewing her beloved family friend Vijaya Subramani! She asks about her life stories, immigration, and the words she lives her life by!

Great expectations

we talked about her past and how she made many fun filled memories with her family. also how she wants me to be successful in life and my children (if i ever have any) to be happy.

Career prep interview

He was a very calm respectful guy

thanksgiving interview

things/people in her life she’s grateful for and happy memories