The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Over Thanksgiving break I interviewed my grandmother. I had her answer many important and meaningful questions. After this interview I learned many important life lessons.

Interview with Abu

We spoke mostly about his career, his mother, and the key lesson in his life: kindness. He spoke a great deal about how multiple people, including strangers his mother, and people in higher positions than him taught him the value...

Talking to Dad on Christmas
December 27, 2019 App Interview

Talking to Dad about his memories and hopes for his children and grand children.

Always Together Part Two

Me and my aunt talk about kindness, empathy, and forgiveness

My Greatgrandma

I got to learn about her life and what my grandma was like as a kid.

Emily Lohman Interview with Alfonso Garcia

In this interview we talked about kindness and other things such as family

Ryan’s Interview with Xadius

He told me who is nice and why they are nice, what he is grateful for, and wisdom to pass on to his great grandchildren.


We talked about many things but my favorite was talking about. Her wedding and her talking about god.

Great Thanksgiving Listen w/ Auntie Miss

Talking with my aunt about regrets, lessons, school, and elections. Listening about strength through the hard times. Learning about sicknesses and how hard it can be. Learning about a valuable person. Listening and learning to love!

Threshold Choir of Leesburg

Two members of this women's musical ministry tell their experience with the choir. Saybra, a new member, talks of how she found the group and what attracted her. Rochelle, the director, tells how the group started in 2014.

Susan Harding

In the summer of 2019, I was looking to help and babysit families in my community. I reached out to Susan and she later offered me a job to be a mothers helper for her grandchildren. She has become a...

Dancing With An Introvert

I quickly talk about an experience I had in a highschool play production, how I overcame the problem, and what I gained from it.

Anna interview

We talked about friendship and what impact you wanna make on the world.

“Spend as much time and be a part of your children as much as possible” A father shares his childhood with his son

Nicholas Scaletta interviews his father, Anthony Scaletta. They discuss various topics including Anthony’s childhood experiences, personal values/achievements and how life was different back then compared to now. His own neighborhood which he’s grown up in, and how life got him...

Interview With My Cousin Jaycie

We talked about what her accomplishments were and why is it important to be kind to people and the legacy she wants to leave behind for her children and her great great grandchildren and also the saddest moment in her...

Ralph talks about his identity and family of origins, not wanting to be in a box, and his desire for community.

Ralph grew up in Philadelphia. He describes his family's values of kindness, growing up with a mother who was bi-polar, and his constant desire for community. He speaks on his identity, age, and speaking one's mind. He moved to San...

Ordinary acts of kindness

Talking about positivity affecting someone's outlook on life and how they see themsleves

Annie Maclin and Elizabeth Belle

Elizabeth Belle (82) talks with her granddaughter Annie Maclin (19) about her experiences throughout life. They discuss Elizabeth's life as a child, her various relationships, the ups and downs of her marriage, and the importance of family.