Sex Segregated Careers
November 2, 2017 App Interview

Just a short talk about how times have changed and the inside look at sex segregated careers in America whit ties to some of our own students lives.

Stefan Frei Imigration interview

For my global studies project I interviewed Stefan Frei the goalie for the Seattle Sounders Soccer team. Stefan moved to America from Switzerland with his mom, his dad, and his brother to the Bay Area in California. Stefan moved when...


In this interview I explore Breanna’s life and also her thoughts on a pressing global issue.

Interviewing Enran Wu

Enran came from China. He did not know any English when he first came to United States. His English capability slowly increased through his hard work.

interview w mi mami, ltns 435 fall '22, laura g

I, Laura Estela Gonzalez (21), interview my mom, Ana Laura Malagon (44). This interview is in Spanish and I ask my mom about her life story. It contains her childhood in Mexico, then her teenage years, and her adult life...

Interview with Emilio Martinez

I interview my uncle, Emilio Martinez (55), about his life growing up in Union City, CA as the eldest son of immigrant parents from Oaxaca, Mexico. Touches on topics of identity and belonging, labor, school, language, time in the military,...

The Importance of Language and Culture from a French Perspective

I interview my best friends’ French-American mother, Joelle. Our discussion begins with her immigration to the United States from Marseille and shifts into how language and culture have impacted the success of her fashion brand, Share With.

Immigrant interview

Life when my mom came to the U.S. and what she did

What music means to us.

I interview critically acclaimed artist Simon Molnar (16) about music and what it means to us. We talk about how music is a language within its self and what experiences we take away from every sound and piece we listen...

Religion and Immigration: Following a Calling to Integrate Cultures

Here, I talk to my mom and dad about their experiences with their experience as Taiwanese immigrants, and how faith has woven itself into this experience. We touch on the similarities of Christian and Chinese values, as well as how...

The importance of learning a second language

We began after asking about one positive and one negative experience, which led into a discussion about regretting not learning Spanish.

Stay-at-home mothers vs. working mothers
November 3, 2017 App Interview

We delve into the topic of how stay-at-home mothers vs working mothers have an impact on their children growing up and the gender norms that come along with them.

Language Butcherer

This is an interview with my mom, a mainly spanish-speaker, about how her accent has been perceived while living in the United States.

Gender Discrimination

In this podcast we talk about gender discrimination in both genders.

Shabir Kabiri and Alex Kolker

Friends and coworkers Alex Kolker (27) interviews Shabir Kabiri (29) about his experience attending university in the United States, the differences between Afghan and American culture, and what the American dream means to him.

Raising Bilingual Kids and their childhood songs

We are not Hispanic, but made teaching our kids Spanish a priority. Being bilingual opens up a part of the world my kids wouldn't have access to without the second language. They sing songs in Spanish that we used to...

Expectations and Parenting

We will be discussing the expectations of parenting and the way it affects teens and our thinking. Society has so many expectations of how each parent is supposed to act.

Jo Ann Graham and Kathleen Brophy

One Small Step partners, Jo Ann Graham (71) and Kathleen "Kathy" Brophy (58), discuss their upbringing and relationship with their families. They talk about sexuality, gender expression, and religion.

Pnomwan Wager and Lawrence Wager

Spouses, Pnomwan Wager (66) and Lawrence Wager (75), discuss Pnomwan’s immigration to the United States, Lawrence’s deployment in Thailand, and their children, as they together recount their love story.