Entrevista entre madre e hija: Dolores Madera y Ariana Solis

This is an interview conducted for my SOWK 732 class at Loyola University Chicago in MSW program through the School of Social Work. The interview was conducted with my mother, Dolores, regarding her experiences as an immigrant from Mexico.

Interview Between Friends: Friendship, DACA and Social Justice

I, Juliana Tamayo, interview my friend Yessenia who is a DACA recipient. We speak about our friendship and Yessenia has navigated higher education as a DACAmented student. We've known each other for over ten years but these are topics we...

Joey Luau and Carol Velazquez

Mentor Joey Luau (24) and her mentee, Carol Velasquez (17), discuss growing up in the different neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The two recall the similarities between their communities, their fears and how they are making photography work for them.

Local Pusher : The First

Crystal chats about her aspirations of being the first to graduate college and her struggle coming to terms with her sexuality.

Mi Casa Es Aquí: Alexa Morales & Her Grandmother Guadalupe Bravo

Alexa Morales (20) interviews her grandmother, Guadalupe Bravo (72) about her family's origins, childhood in Mexico, migration to the United States with her family, and family traditions.

Lisa Sanchez and Lynne Clunk

Lisa Sanchez (49) interviews her first grade teacher Lynne Clunk (63). The two share memories of their interactions, how each has influenced the other and the obstacles they've overcome.

Leticia Osorio’s personal life

in this interview, taken place in Los Angeles , CA. I talked Leticia Osorio (39), my role model and my mother , to discover what build up to what she is today. She talked about what events in her childhood...