Benjamin Egerman and Flory Gessner

Coworkers and friends Flory Gessner (33) and Benjamin "Ben" Egerman (35) reflect on specific moments in their lives that led to their decision to become librarians. They discuss gay history and queer culture and the inclusive community that can be...

Annie Fineman and Beck Fineman

Spouses Beck Fineman (42) and Annie Fineman (37) talk about their nontraditional journey to forming a family. They talk about the challenges they face as a queer family and the evolution of the queer community.

Gennese Springs and Jonathan Swap

[Recorded Friday, May 19, 2023] Gennese (19) and Jonathan (21) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gennese is a UVA student from Colonial Heights, and enjoys music, podcasts, and being outside. Jonathan is also a UVA student...

Frances Vicioso, Regan Hanley, and CoCo Marie

Colleagues and board members of OutFront Kalamazoo Frances Vicioso (34), Regan Hanley (63), and CoCo Marie (46) share their journeys coming into their identities, reflecting on how the queer experience takes shape across different generations and communities. The three also...

Wally Long and James Sweeney

One Small Step partners James Sweeney (69) and Wally Long (63) discuss their community work, their mutual belief that the right to vote is "sacred," and why face-to-face conversations are so important.

Dana Farmer and Rob Nixon

Friends Dana Farmer (68) and Rob Nixon (70) talk about their friendship, the AIDS epidemic, and their advocacy work for the LGBTQ community.

Kristen Norton and Linda Collins

One Small Step Conversation partners Kristen Norton (49) and Linda Collins (74) talk about the role of religion and faith, growing up, major influences, politics, government and abortion legislation.

Jess Cook and Ken Brenneman

One Small Step participants Jess Cook (42) and Ken Brenneman (54) discuss their relationships with their children and their spirituality.

Mattie Hamilton and Sonja Killebrew

Mattie Hamilton (19) and her writing coach Sonja Killebrew (43) discuss themes of writing and creativity, sexuality, COVID-19 and Mattie's experiences in the foster care system.

Patrick Dunn and Ricky Mestre

Friends Ricky Mestre [no age given] and Patrick Dunn (36) talk about LGBTQ+ art and the challenges that come with creating and curating art that portrays the LGBTQ+ experience.

Amanda Breuer and Paul Betancourt

One Small Step conversation partners Paul Betancourt (61) and Amanda "Mandy" Breuer (44) discuss agriculture, their shared love and respect for the environment and the role of state and federal government in taking action towards climate change.

Hana Maddox and Reed Greger- 12/06/2023

12/6/2023 I, Hana Maddox (she/her), 19, interview Reed Greger (he/they), 20, a gay member of the Lincoln community on his experience and stories of finding his identity in a world designed for him to hide it and what it means...

LaQuesha Wiley and John Espinosa

One Small Step conversation partners LaQuesha Wiley (34) and John Espinosa (25) talk about their families, what it means to be a "moderate," vaccine hesitancy, and how COVID-19 has brought communities together

SONiA Rutstein and Cindy Rutstein

Sisters "SONiA disappear fear" Rutstein (62) and Cindy Rutstein (60) talk about SONiA disappear fear's singing and songwriting career.

Taylor Johnson and Michael Gonzales

Strangers Michael Gonzales (25) and Taylor James Johnson (31) in San Antonio, Texas discuss sharing their stark political/religious/sexual identity changes to the public and how the public's reception to their beliefs influenced them.

Caleb Lawen and Scarlet Pardue

One Small Step partners Caleb Lawen (24) and Scarlet "Scar" Pardue (19) discuss their upbringings, Christianity, and LGBTQ+ issues.

Jerry Albrent and Matthew Haynes

Jerry Albrent (72) interviews his friend Matthew Haynes [no age given], the owner and founder of Club Q, where a mass shooting took place on November 19, 2022. Matthew reflects on how his life journey led him to open a...

Dina Jackson and John McMichael

One Small Step Conversation partners Dina Jackson [no age given] and John "Wes" McMichael (47) talk about their experiences in the Baptist church, acceptance and understanding of LGBTQIA+ friends and family, and the stereotypes they both have faced.

Spencer Lucker, Liz Lucker, and Mary Machen

Spencer Lucker (33) and his parents, Liz Lucker (70) and Mary Machen (71), reflect on Liz and Mary’s experience raising a son as a gay couple in Little Rock, Arkansas. Liz and Mary give words of advice to Spencer as...

Karen Roberts and Glenda Valentine

One Small Step partners Glenda Valentina (75) and Karen Roberts (66) sit down and have a conversation about bullying, gun violence, and several other issuance that impact many in todays society.

Sarah O'Brien and Beverly Badger

Sarah O'Brien [no age given] and her mother, Beverly Badger [no age given], remember her father and his battle against HIV/AIDS when it was a stigmatized disease in the 1980s.

David Larbi and Judy "Chess" Cheserek

[Recorded Monday, July 17, 2023] David (26) and Chess (34) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville. David is from Ghana and is a human rights activist advocating for youth empowerment and LGBTQIA+ rights across the African continent. Chess...

Treasure Affia and Dr. Toni Caretto ; An insightful interview on the issue of self- acceptance within the LGBTQI+ Community.

Treasure Affia(a sophomore psychology major and human sexuality minor) and Dr. Toni Caretto( a seasoned clinical psychologist) talk about the issue of accessibility to mental health care and self-acceptance within the LGBTQI+ community.