Lois Jones and Mary Golden Hughes

Coworkers Lois Jones (74) and Mary Golden Hughes (54) talk about their experiences as librarians, and their work on a large community reading event called “The Big Read.”

Zachary Hottel and Ayla Hottel

Zachary "Zach" Hottel (31) shares a conversation with his wife, Ayla Hottel (29). They discuss Ayla's work in healthcare and Zach's job as a library archivist, as well as Zach's experiences as a volunteer with the fire department.

Memories at the Clements-Anne

Located on the central campus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the William L. Clements Library houses original resources for the study of American history and culture from the fifteenth through the nineteenth century. Learn more about the Clements...

My dad

In this interview we talked about my father in his current job and his past jobs. We also got into his life and what means the most to him.

Longtime librarian David Huskinson described changes in technology since he began in 1990

Recording August 14, 2018 –After graduating from Southern Utah State College (now S.U.U.), Cedar City resident David Huskinson became the St. George Library audio/visual and periodicals librarian. In 1990 when he was hired, the new library building was nine years...

Heather Riley and Kinshasa Vargas-Pile

Kinshasa Vargas-Pile (47) talks to her wife, Heather Riley (41), about her love for being a librarian, especially in Baltimore, and the sense of community she has found through it.

Laura Beth Walker and Dorothy Fitts

Laura Beth Walker (48) shares a conversation with her colleague Dorothy Fitts (77) about the meaning of the Oxford Library to their community and the importance of the services it provides.

Mrs. Brown’s Free Little Library

I interviewed Mrs. Brown about her Free Little Library in her front yard.

Emelia Miller with Debbie Martinelli

Interview between Emelia Miller, long time patron of our library and Debbie Martinelli (current employee of the Salem Public Library)

Faith Smith and Justin Smith

Spouses, Faith Smith (44) and Justin Smith (45), reflect on the community they have lost and found since their daughter came out, and everything they have learned in the process.

Teresa Rhodes and the Salem Public Library Salem, Ohio

Interview for the Salem Public Library with Teresa Rhodes (former programming coordinator) with Debbie Martinelli (current employee)

Group Interview Class of 2019

Today my group interviewed each other about what our senior year in 2018 has been like so far. In addition we talked about trends and our visions for the future.

Rebecca Light Interviews Jenny Carr

Administrative Librarian, Rebecca Light, interviews Acquisitions Librarian, Jenny Carr, about working during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Peter Leavell and Megan Egbert

Peter Leavell (42) talks with his librarian Megan Egbert (37) about the beginning of his love for reading and his journey as an author.

Cheryl Thorne and Debbie Martinelli

Interview with Cheryl Thorne, former library employee and long time patron

Patty & Emily Talk About Library Life

Patty and Emily tell their library origin stories and what it’s like working in libraries today.

Scott Savage and Jennifer Savage

Spouses, Scott Savage (58) and Jennifer Savage (56), share a conversation about the books that Scott writes, their collaborative working process, the tours they go on together, and the power of books. They also talk about neurodiversity and the role...