Annie Davis and Susan Shaw (granddaughter interviewing grandmother)

Annie Davis: 2020-05-22 21:35:30 Annie (14) and her grandma, Susan (76) discuss past hardships, family life, important lessons learned and valued, and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My cousin’s life lesson, decisions and childhood memories

A cousin (Kathy Lin) interviews her cousin (Sarah Zhang) on her life lessons, decisions and childhood memories. Throughout Sarah's life she has made many life decisions but hasn't regret anything. The decisions she made is greatly influenced by her mother....

This is Sarah Dunn interviewing John Dunn about his experience in the Navy.

This interview took place on December 5, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Sarah Dunn interviews John Dunn, her father, on his experience in the Navy. Within this interview, John Dunn dicusses his experience in the military. Specifically, he talks about his...


We talked about his childhood, important people, and his work experience.

Isaiah Maerz & Ms. Yolanda

The theme of this interview was to see what were her 5 most meaningful life lessons? Along that we talked about regrets, occasions, and important experiences that we’ve both had.

Interviewing my middle school teacher

Mr Hollas gives his opinion compared with nowadays generation. He also talked about his childhood in England.

Novel Wisdom: Lauren Keating and Stephanie Keating talk books, life lessons and what books can teach you.
September 13, 2018 App Interview

In this recording Lauren Keating and her mother Stephanie Keating discuss the most influential books in Stephanie’s life and why she recommends certain books. Interview flips around minute 9.

About my dad’s life and what he enjoyed in it.

We talked about his childhood and some lessons he was taught in life. He even talked about some life lessons that he would like to give other people.

Interview with Sister

I sat down with my sister to talk about her life and the people who helped her become who she is today. She (Summer) also shared some life advice that she has learned and would like to pass down to...

Ashley Chatelain

I talk to my sister about her life at my age and what she learned growing up. We also go into how the world has changed and what she see’s in not only my future, but her kids as well.

Interview with Peyton Cook

My sister and I talk about our childhood to thinking about our future.

Essential Books: Kayla Byrne and her dad, Richard Byrne, discuss reading and the importance of seeking truth.
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, student Kayla Byrne and her dad, Neurosurgeon and life long reader Richard Byrne talk about the book “The Blank Slate” by Steven Pinker as well as the importance of a life long love of reading.

Lit Life: Marcos Lopez II and Angelique Lopez talk about the similarities between literary and real Hispanic families.

In this recording, a son and his mother discuss the familial lessons conveyed in Marquéz’s 100 Years’ of Solitude. Examining the parallels and differences between the Buendía and our families to distinguish between Marquéz’s depiction of family for literary purposes...

Talking to Eric Ingerick about his life.

In this interview on December 1st 2019, Evan Ingerick interviews his father Eric in Penfield NY.

interviewing my dad

Some of the life choices my dad made as a child and future bringing.

Brennan Totten interviews her grandma Linda Zengel about life in Germany

This interview was conducted in January 1st, 2020 in New Jersey. Brennan Totten (15) interviewed her grandma, Linda Zengel (72) about family traditions and important people in her life. Linda Zengel talks about life living in Germany and nicknames.

Lola’s Story

Cora Juanengo is a believer in God and a leader in faith. She tells about her life as a grandmother, mother, and being a child in the Philippines.

Recording – 11-26-2023 18:26:54

Hello, I did the interview with my boyfriends mom since im really close to her and she means alot to me. Her name is Angela and she is 33 years old. We talked about her childhood and her life.