History homework

Easy going interview, fun and quick. I learned a lot.

Talking to Eric Ingerick about his life.

In this interview on December 1st 2019, Evan Ingerick interviews his father Eric in Penfield NY.

Noah Interviews Lynn About Her Childhood, Work Life, and Life Lessons

Noah interviews Lynn in Maryland, on December 1st, 2019. They talked about Life Lessons, Work Life, and Childhood. Lynn explain something of her most important, and worst memories. Lynn talks about who the important people that are/were in her life.

Kaitlyn Morse Interview Stan Endlich 2019

Stan talked about his childhood to adulthood. He also mentioned lessons he learned and people who made a difference in his life.

Me and my nana

I will be asking my grandma questions about her childhood and her life lessons

The Great Listen – Shea Noonan

In this summary we talked about my grandfathers life growing up. We talked about what he has learned over the years and what he hopes for the future.

Thanksgiving interview

A brief discussion about my aunt’s experiences in her youth as well as a funny family story.

Life of my grandfather continued

My grandpa talked about his childhood life and his thanksgiving traditions and the civil rights movement

Jack Prahinski interviewing John Prahinski (father), talks about life role models to the best Star Wars movie.

In January 2018, Jack Prahinski (14) Interviewed his mother John Prahinski (50) in Lynchburg, VA. We talked about his father as his life role model who were his mother and his father. We talked about the best moments of his...

Ankit Jain and his Mother Rashmi Gupta talk about the lessons she’s learned in life.
November 30, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving 2017 in Albertson, New York, Ankit Jain (16) interviews his mother Rashmi Gupta (52) about the lessons she learned while growing up in India and moving to America. Mrs. Gupta shares stories about playing...

Mrs Rosales interview

Mrs Rosales shared great advice on how to break big projects and Homework into little pieces so we don’t get stressed. She also shared how she wanted to be remembered and some important life lessons she has learned.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with my Grandpa about his life and some of his life lessons he has learned from the gospel.

My Sister’s interview

In this interview I asked my sister about some memories we had and some life lessons learned.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I talked to my dad about his life experiences and how he has grown from them.

Dada – Life story of my father

This interview is with my father, my inspiration and idol! The journey from a poor farm laborer to making his son an IITan.

Getting out of the hood, and moving on to better things.

In this interview Halei speaks with her Stepdad, Ozias Embry. In the interview Ozias go over what is like living in Flint, 0:29. Soon after he speaks on the adults in his life. After 4:40, he speaks on how certain...

The Legacy of My Father, Juan Solano

In this interview, Dante Solano talks with his father about everything he has gone through in his life. This includes his childhood experiences, how he met his wife, and his experience in working for a long time. It all ends...

“The Smiles Behind the Seriousness”

I’m Alondra Aguilar I would be interviewing my brother in law, Emmitt Panya, about his life and what he has learn from it

The Great Listen
November 26, 2017 App Interview

The interview was based on Rosie Jaison’s childhood and early experiences.

Alison Becker – The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Discussed what life was like growing up, the importance of education as an adult, military service, and important lessons learned in life.