The Words I Carry

asking my dad about his life, my sisters life, and my life

08 December 2019 Uncle Kevin McCracken

I interviewed my uncle and you might hear the distant voice of my father at times

Anne Hensley and Chafe Hensley

Spouses Anne Hensley (49) and Chafe Hensley (48) discuss their future, happiness, the importance of community, and their joint business venture Weirder Wonderland LLC.

Isaiah James interviewing Tracy Behl

Asked different questions for a project in public speaking and debate.

Service learning through an interview

As a teenager I have many questions about life experiences. I am grateful to have had the chance to have some of those questions answered with the help of my sister.

Interviewing my dad

I interviewed my dad, Duncan Maclean (50) and we talked about the similarities and differences between living in America and England.