Life changing moment

Bryan Riggs’s life, growing up along with his football career ,and how it ended

Mom and Dad – Bill and Phyllis Scott

Life Questions - their families, upbringing and life and work

Annabelle Simhon – Interview with Marie-Laure Simhon

Annabelle Simhon (19) and Marie-Laure Simhon (52) discuss her life as a French-American immigrant as a child. Additionally, the interview delves into life choices and consequences throughout the years.


I interviewed one of my family!

Dan’s tips for success!

Reed and Dan Cruikshank talk about Dan’s life story and how he has been successful through hard times

Tell me about your life

It was intresting to find out more about more about my fathers life and where he came from.


Marie Scoville discusses her journey from Carter County to Broadus, Montana to live on a ranch with her husband.

Life Story interview with Dr. Joseph Taylor and the writer of his Life Story, Kyler Berghuis.

A writing contest was held for the 5th grade class at West Side Christian Elementary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Out of 35 students, Kyler won the contest and received $500 towards his elementary tuition by the contest sponsor, Heritage Life...

Jacqueline Whitman interview

Chase Whitman interviews Jacqueline Whitman about the hen she was younger.

Family interview

I questioned my parents about the life growing up.

My Dads Story

My fathers life story, up until I was born. His early childhood, teenage years, college, and eventually meeting my mom and having me.

Daughter interviewing her 87 year old father

A daughter interviewing her father about his childhood in England, his parents and grandparents, his marriage and his life in Canada.

A Spiritual Life

A look into the life of Genie Hart. She talks about growing up and her family. She talks about her spiritually.

Practice Interview w/ George

George goes in dept about his life story

Interview with Erionna

This podcast brings you Erionna, An 18 year old young women who talks about her life in Denver, CO and the change in her community. Erionna explains how she wants to make an impact to those in poverty sometime in...

Interview with Amina M.

Amina M. is a 14 year old girl who lives in Denver, Colorado and goes to West Early College. Amina M. came to the United States in 2004 when she was 4 months old from Kenya, a country in East...

Interview with Huipok Blount

This interview is about the life of Huipok blount a Korean immigrant who came to America in the 1970’s when she married her soon-to-be ex husband. She talks about good memories like how she is happy to live in Denver...