Michelle Deardorff and Tucker McClendon

One Small Step partners Michelle Deardorff (56) and Tucker McClendon (27) discuss education, their political values, and their careers.

Merceria Ludgood and Mary Redditt

Mary Reddit (62) interviews her colleague and friend County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood (70) about her life of public service, what she wishes more people knew about the justice system, and how she would like to be remembered.

Erica Johnson and Randall Burns

One Small Step conversation partners Erica Johnson (51) and Randall Burns (74) talk about their political beliefs, people who share those beliefs, and issues in Alaska.

Ron Marlett and Chris Powell

One Small Step conversation partners Ron Marlett (72) and Chris Powell (49) both knew each other before being paired together. In their conversation they talk about their upbringings and about the political changes taking place in Oklahoma's legislature over the...

Paula Baracaldo and Joe Walters

Partners, Paula Baracaldo (35) and Joe Walters (32), share a conversation about how they first met and their first impressions of one another. Paula also talks about coming to the United States from Colombia when she was twelve years old,...

Joanie Schirm and Elise Rolenc

One Small Step partners Joanie Schirm (73) and Elise Rolenc (50) share a conversation about their families, the public education system, and the importance of local government. They also talk about the value of finding connections with other people and...

Jan Waldron and Lenn Murelle

One Small Step participants, Jan Waldron (67) and Lenn Murrelle (58), talk about their familial influences, their frustrations with our government, and their love of cycling, all while discovering they share very similar viewpoints.

Father Shares Wisdom Gained Through Work in Local Government

Sean Morin, a 20-year-old student from Braintree, Massachusetts, speaks with his father, Peter Morin, 61. Peter Morin works as the town administrator of Norwell, Massachusetts, a small-town South of Boston. A career in law and government has taught him a...

Tammy de Weerd and Joe Borton

Tammy de Weerd (60) talks with friend and colleague, Joe Borton (48), about her journey into community involvement and politics as the mayor of Meridian.

Lois Walker and Donna James

Lois Larsen Walker (73) talks to her daughter, Donna Walker James (48), about living in Alexandria. She recounts saving bricks from demolished buildings, fighting for school integration, and contributing to the community.

Tracy Myers and Kathleen Peake

One Small Step partners Tracy Myers (65) and Kathleen Peake (65) discuss small government, talking politics with family members, and respecting other's beliefs.

Martha Lutman Brogan and Margaret Sullivan

Martha Lutman Brogan (69) talks with her colleague Margaret Sullivan (47) with whom she worked on the Ives Squared innovation space at the New Haven Free Public Library. They remember the community stakeholders they collaborated with on the project, as...

Greg White and Kevin Alarcon

Gregory White (61) speaks to new acquaintance and conversation partner Kevin Alarcon (25) about working in Decatur, Georgia as the Director of Decatur Parks and Recreation and how he has seen the Decatur community change over the years.

Sabrina King and Stephanie Williams

Sabrina King (20) interviews Stephanie Williams (51) about her experience organizing and advocating for her community, reflecting on the barriers she has overcome as a Black woman in politics and the importance of representation. In 2018, Stephanie became the first...

Robyn Wertheim and Mary Cooksey

Friends and One Small Step partners Robyn Wertheim (53) and Mary Cooksey (64) talk about their upbringings, their involvement in their communities, and the hope they have for the future.

Betsy Hodges and Maureen Sigauke

Betsy Hodges (51) speaks with friend and colleague Maureen Sigauke (36) about their work fighting for marginalized communities and against racism.

Sean Schrader and Judithanne McLauchlan

Sean Schrader (20) shares a conversation with his mentor, Judithanne McLauchlan (53), about their experiences in politics and encouraging civic engagement.

Carmaine Ternes and Tom Phillips

One Small Step conversation partners Carmaine Ternes (62) and Tom Phillips (65) share their political values, such as education and tolerance, as well as their work in their communities.

Gina Saldana and Jose Saldana

Jose Saldana [no age given] shares with his daughter Gina Saldana [no age given] the story of how he got from Mexico to Washington State when he was 17. Jose also shares how he became a US citizen, a custodian...

P Scott Dyvad and David Ginsborg

One Small Step conversation partners P "Scott" Dyvad (55) and David Ginsborg (54) discuss belief in government and media, being involved in their communities, and current political issues, such as the January 6th Capitol riot and the Defund the Police...

Bob Corker and Joda Thongnopnua

Former United States Senator Bob Corker [no age given] and Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Chattanooga Joda Thongnopnua [no age given] discuss the difficulties of partisan politics and the importance of uniting as a country.