Esteban Solano and Julia Solano

What did you think your life would be like? Esteban dives into different areas of his life and shares insight that he learned along the way.

Shalako Powers and Chaitna Sinha

One Small Step conversation partners Chaitna Sinha (44) and Shalako Powers (44), talk about their family histories, the paradoxes and hypocrisies of political beliefs and about the pressures and concerns of raising daughters in these times.

Michelle Leff and Claire Kim

Michelle Leff (60) talks with her mother, Claire Kim (88), about Claire’s upbringing in Seoul, her love of reading, her decision to come to the United States, her career, and her family.

Amy Alkema shared her appreciation for libraries at the 1st Anniversary of the opening of the Hildale Library

Recording November 18, 2018 -- Amy Alkema describes her early experiences of going to the library in California and finding a 'happy place to read. As a mother she has continued the tradition of taking her children to libraries including...

12/01/2023 Sue Presley & Dr. Debbie Presley O’Brien

Daughter (Dr. Debbie Presley O’Brien, age 67) interviewing Mother (Sue Gaskin Presley, age 86) about being a working mom in the 1950s and overcoming obstacles to meet her goal of becoming a flight attendant and pilot at a time most...

Brian Felgar, Elaine Zerga, and Erin Felgar

Siblings Brian Felgar (43) and Erin Felgar (38) ask their stepmom, Elaine Zerga (77), about her childhood and life before joining their family. Elaine shares her favorite memory as a child, what it was like growing up with five sisters...

Lisa Herrick and Lee Herrick

Lisa Herrick (38) and her husband Lee Herrick (49) talk about their respective creative proclivities and their work to integrate art to the Fresno community. They also talk about their respective Asian identities, especially Lisa's Hmong-American identity and how difficult...

Juan Arambula, Diego Arambula, and Miguel Arambula

Juan Arambula (68) talks with two of his sons Diego Arambula (40) and Miguel Arambula (37) about his life-long love of learning that inspired him to go from a field laborer to a graduate of Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley,...

Chris Smith and Michael Stohrer

One Small Step partners Christopher Smith (55) and Michael Stohrer (38) talk about the separation of church and state, the role religion plays in polarization, and holding the government accountable.

Edward Hall and Daniel Horowitz Garcia

Daniel Horowitz Garcia (50) talks to his friend Ed Hall (59) about writing. Daniel asks Ed about his writing process. Ed explains to Daniel why he thinks some of the most notable figures in the genre of science fiction and...

Kate Jones and Dorothy Jones

Kate Jones (68) and her mother Dorothy Jones (99) talk about Dorothy's long life filled with growing up in the South in a large family, in a house with no running water, a love of reading and having a sharp...