Mom and son interview

We talked about my mom’s background and how she Thought of raising me. We also talked about how she lived her life. Also we spoke about how she was a easy going bookworm.

Interview with grandma

About our family and childhood years

Interview with my mom

What was talked about was about her happiest memories and her life in Puerto Rico

Getting to know my mom a little better
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I asked my mom about 15 questions and got to know some more background information.

Thanksgiving Interview

I asked my grandma a bunch of questions on Growing Up, Family, Holidays, etc.

Great Thanksgiving Listen- Madison Cole
December 2, 2022 App Interview

I’m interviewing my Grandma about her life

Recording – 11-14-2023 11:56:54

Rhe person I chose for this interview was Emily Martin. She is 15 years old and is a freshman.

My Grandfather’s and I
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Robert Martin , age 62 wyat martin , age 17 grandparents house my grandpa's life

My Mom, Debbie Seely

Hello, my name is Marc Seely (44) and I’m interviewing my mom Debbie Seely (71) from my home in Sacramento. Debbie has been a hardworking, loving and gentle mother of two boys. While being a stay at home mom she’s...

interview with my ant Dylan

I did not know my ant favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. I thought it was Christmas Halloween or just one of those things.

The Great Listen 2018

My Grammy and I talked about what her childhood was like. We also talked about what it was like for her growing up.

My Mom’s Stories

This is about my moms stories of her as a child and her relatives plus what she passed on to us

interview with my grandpa

My grandpa is 66 years old and he is going to tell you about his childhood and life in the recording. My grandpa has came from a poor little suburb in Fort Wayne to a high middle class house in...

story of grandpa

very informational about her life and mine and my grandfather I never got to meet.

What was life growing up

My interview will be about how was life when my mother lateaka perry was growing up as a kid. And how her child hood was like as a young single mother , if she could go back in time and...

The Father and son talk

This interview is between a father and son. Joshua is 11 years old and Kenneth is 49 years old.In the interview Joshua asks his dad what it was like when he was growing up and what he likes most about...

Tina Toro interview

Mark Toro interviews Tina Toro, his mother, and asks her questions regarding her life, accomplishments and family.

Memories of My Mom

It was amazing interviewing my mom. I loved learning about her past.

My mom’s thoughts

Talking about some life lessons learned, who was the biggest impact on her life, the happiest memory she has and more.

Moms first interview

Story’s of what it was like in her life