The life of a Manhattan Project child.

My grandma’s father worked as a scientist for the Manhattan project at Hanford, WA. This is the story of my grandma’s relationship with her father and the complications that occurred because of it.

Laurie Brown, Julie Brown, and Joanna Brown

Laurie Brown (91) talks to Joanna Brown (57) and Julie Brown (56) about switching his major in college. He studied Physics and then became professor. After college he joined the military.

Sidney Harrison interviewed by Rosanne Pritchett
October 12, 2021 App Interview

Sidney Harrison discusses life and family experiences growing up in Hot Springs North Carolina. From his father working on the Manhattan project in Oak Ridge Tennessee, to being the mayor of Hot Springs and in the lions club for over...

Jessie Wagnon and Agnes Borden Dauncey

Jessie Wagnon (33) interviews her grandmother Agnes Dauncey (82) about growing up in White Bluffs, WA, a community that would later be displaced in order to build a secret government project called the Hanford projects.

Stacy Morrison and Edward Morrison

Stacy Morrison (54) shares a conversation with her father, Edward Morrison (74), about Edward’s parents, his mother’s career as a softball and basketball player, and about the people who had the biggest impact on his life.