“I met her on a Friday. We were engaged the following Friday.”

Talk about your whirlwind romances. Keith Dick shares the story of how he met Sheryl and convinced her to marry him and move to Japan. All within the course of two weeks. They celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in 2017.

Uncle Lamar & I

I interviewed my uncle about several things. Things such as how he met the love of his life, how he grew up as a child, and how he felt when he found out he was gonna be a father.

"well that's easy, its money honey…"

This is me and my mom-- My dad and mom have been married for 42 years and she describes to me how they have had this long relationship and how it works.

Robert Butcher talks about his youth, marriage, and military experiences.

Ninety-three year old WWII veteran Robert Butcher talks about growing up in Trenton, NJ. He talks about what he learned in the military. He also gives advice to today's young people.

On Love & Life
December 3, 2018 App Interview

Charles, aka Zodie, and I met when I first moved in middle school. We began dating in high school, and continued dating during college, and recently got married in August. I decided to interview Zodie and ask him questions about...

Liz and Kathy: Partnered for 33, almost 34 years

Kathy interviews her wife Liz of 33, almost 34, years. They speak of identity, consciousness raining circles, social justice, parent and grandparent hood, bar culture, LGBTQ rights, and their love story with their 3 commitment ceremonies and marriage celebrations.

An Afternoon with Doris Andersen

Doris Andersen is a retired teacher that lives at Meadowlark Pointe, in Cozad, Nebraska. In this interview, she shared some of her life experiences. She spoke about her son Greg. Her teaching and her husband. Additionally, she explains how amazing...