The evolution of media

My grandfather grew up in the 1940s and lived through the evolution of media including print, television, computers, and the internet. He saw television evolve from black and white to color and the invention of the computer. We discussed how...

Media Source Project

I followed E! News this past semester for my media source project.

Impacting People Through Extreme Sports

This interview dives into Tyler Brown’s journey to become an Extreme Sports Enthusiast and how it impacts the people he surrounds himself with

Post GE14 thoughts about media.

My father's thoughts about the media back then and now.

Project 3: Interview 2 with Lucia Owens

Interviewing Lucia Owens about media, COVID-19, self-care, current events, and mental health. Lucia has taken a unique path to self-care, and offers a one of a kind perspective.

My dad talks about his experience covering 9/11 for the newspaper

My father covered the 9/11 attacks for the newspaper. In this interview we talked about that crazy day and what he saw.

Times Are Changing: A Look Back on the Internet and Technology in the Media World

Johnny Bailey, born in 1963, takes a look on how viewing media and news sources has changed from his time growing up to now. He talks about how he feels technology has changed and will continue to change the media...

Media Interview

How different was media in the older generations?

The Evolution Of Music Over My Mother’s Lifetime

In this interview I discuss how music has changed over my mother’s lifetime. This includes changes in what devices were used to listen to music, what genres were popular, how information about music was spread, attitudes on music, and the...

Laotian Father Tells His Experiences Growing Up in a Changing World of Media

Father and daughter have a light conversation about the changing world of media and how he has experienced it.

Changing Media w/ Micheal Molla

In this, I interview Micheal Molla on what it was like to grow up as an American in Africa and what it’s like to see how media has changed since the 1970s

Media Through the Years: A Firsthand Account

I, Abigail Steuart, sit down with my mother, Janet, to discuss changes in the media from her childhood to the present.

Interview about the internet and online media with a clinical analyst

This was an interview about the progression and future of the internet and online social media with Pat Moses, a clinical analyst

My Older Brother Talks Social Media!
November 30, 2019 App Interview

My 23-year-old brother explains how his relationship with social media has changed over the past 13 years.


COVID-19 has effected the lives of so many and recreated a new normal. Nick and I chat briefly how comparing how life once was compared to how it is now.

The Pressures of American Culture
December 3, 2017 App Interview

Asking a Sudanese millennial about the pressure to conform to American culture.

Brooke and Mary

Talking about media when my mother was growing up

Media & Communications CHP1 interview with Edwina

I interviewed Edwina Gonleh, my mother. She explained her take on media an communications. Also explained how media and communication has changed over time.

Media’s Journey

How media has changed in the eyes of KB! We discuss things in media we’ve grown up with and enjoy a conversation about the future of technology and media!

The consequences for your actions

My mom and I discussed how careful you need to be with your actions because they will haunt you in the future.

Talk Less, Listen More

Today, on May 5th, I sat down with my father to mainly discuss how he’s doing during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what his opinion of the current matter is.

All things media with Brian Mitchell

In this interview I interviewed my dad Brian Mitchell former NFL player for the Redskins,Eagles,and Giants we talk about his time during the nfl,his current career in media,and tips to be successful!

The Internet Over the Ages

The internet has impacted society in a massive way. In this interview, I ask a member of an older generation their ideas about the development of the internet.