Parents media interview

I interviewed my parents (born in 54 & 62) on how media has changed as they were growing up. They believe that communication was the main thing that has changed.

New media project

I sit down with close family friend and New York Times Publisher Robert Millia to discuss the evolution of media and its impact on today’s society.

Brooke and Mary

Talking about media when my mother was growing up

Self-Published Professor

Rebecca Durfee is a math professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She is also a self-published author of 15 books. In this interview we discuss how she managed that and how media impacted her success.

9/11 Interview

We talked about the affects of media on history.

The evolution of media

My grandfather grew up in the 1940s and lived through the evolution of media including print, television, computers, and the internet. He saw television evolve from black and white to color and the invention of the computer. We discussed how...

Interview with grandma

How my grandma got information back in her day and how news content has changed.

MCBS Interview

We talked about Kadeene’s goals and where he came from. We talked about what inspires him and why he has such large goals.

Experiences as a Journalist

In this interview, Bill Caiaccio talked about what it is like to be a journalist, and what it was like to report on major events in American history.

Interview with Lillie James

Media Project interview done with Lillie James

The Truths of Bertille Terri Schantz

I interviewed my biggest role model and mother, Terri Schantz. Terri grew up in democratic rural Iowa with a politically active and very republican mother and a father who was a world war 2 veteran. She learned and abided by...

Preventing media bias

Sam Raudins discusses problems with media bias while covering elections and how we might avoid that bias.

Post GE14 thoughts about media.

My father’s thoughts about the media back then and now.

My dad talks about his experience covering 9/11 for the newspaper

My father covered the 9/11 attacks for the newspaper. In this interview we talked about that crazy day and what he saw.

On Vietnam

My Uncle Dan recalls his teenage years as the news cycle gradually revealed the horrors of the Vietnam war.

Media in the past and present

Interviewing Debbie and her taking us through how media has changed in her life.