Grampy hates social media!

Abbi Block interviews grandfather Kenneth Narlock about his experience and viewpoints on social media and its impact on today’s society.

How television has shaped our lives

My father and I talk about how television and it’s surrounding media has changed over the course of our lifetimes.

Pt. 2 The Evolution of Print: For Better or Worse?

Part 2 of The Evolution of Print features student, Kyla Berkshire, and her father, Brad Berkshire, as they discuss the changes in media and print throughout history.

Rima’s experience with media

Today I interviewed my mom Rima about how the media has changed since the late 60s, and what her opinions were on our media today

about your dream job

My partner wants to be a director. She goes to a program in a college which is to visit many tv stations and media companies.

Interview with Lillie James

Media Project interview done with Lillie James

The decline of media into the 21st Century

An exclusive interview with Psychology professor Ernie Chavez regarding the evolution of media delivery over time and how media conglomerates have developed.

The Evolution Of Music Over My Mother’s Lifetime

In this interview I discuss how music has changed over my mother’s lifetime. This includes changes in what devices were used to listen to music, what genres were popular, how information about music was spread, attitudes on music, and the...

Interview with Jeffrey Kerrane, by Alexis Kerrane on May 19th, 2019

In this interview, conducted in Broomfield, Colorado on May 19th, 2019, Alexis Kerrane interviews her father Jeffrey Kerrane about his life. He shared stories about his political involvement as a high schooler, his experiences with being a law student while...

MCBS Interview

We talked about Kadeene’s goals and where he came from. We talked about what inspires him and why he has such large goals.

Interview about the history of media with my mother Kimberly

Rachel Randall and her mother Kimberly Randall talked over this history of the media in US and it’s affects.

The Evolution of Media From A Stem’s Point of View by Kale’a Perry

Hello! My name is Kale’a Perry (18). In this episode of “Kale’a’s Dozen”, we speak to Ms. Diane Perry (my mother), a Penn State graduate who majored in industrial engineering, gives her perspective on media and cultural development over the...

Digital Media & Music in the late 80s & 90s vs. now.

Interview with my mother discussing her experience with digital media and music growing up vs. in today’s society.

Interview with mom on how the coronavirus has affected her in terms of communication and media

I interviewed my mom, who is a psychiatrist, she talked about how she has communicated and viewed media during this coronavirus pandemic.

A Mom's Perspective on the Media and Covid-19

Today I sat down with my mom and talked about the media and how it played a part in our experiences so far during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Preventing media bias

Sam Raudins discusses problems with media bias while covering elections and how we might avoid that bias.

Introducing children to the news and media

An interview with my mom about introducing children to the news and media, particularly in today’s global pandemic.

Media & Technology Conversations With Lorrie

Hear a mental health professional’s view on technology and social media and how her perception has changed over the years.

LIVe Media

I interview Chris Blue and talk about the factors that caused him to be apart of LIVe.

Mom early media experience.

My mom explaining about her early experience with the media.