Meg Heubeck and Yijing Shen

[Recorded Thursday, November 11, 2021] Meg (54) and Yijing (21) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discuss cross-cultural perspectives on American democracy, parent-child relationships, and their shared interest in traveling to other countries.

Chan Williams Discussing the Change in News Media with Her Mom

Chan Williams (26) and her mother Jill Williams (57) discuss journalism. Jill Williams is a high school journalism teacher. In this conversation they discuss teaching journalism, memories of the news growing up and the changes in news media since then.

John Forde and Catherine Day

John Forde (59) talks with is wife, Catherine Reid Day (64), about the TV show he created with the help of his family, "Mental Engineering." John and Catherine discuss the highs and lows of working on John's passion project and...

Emily Rushing and Fred Bennett

One Small Step partners, Emily Rushing (70) and Fred Bennett (76) discuss the changing landscape of news, media literacy, social issues, and being Christians who value diversity and racial reconciliation.

A media flashback to then and now with Grandpa Charles Paxton

I interview my Grandpa, a Vietnam veteran and retired U.S. Army Colonel, about his experience serving in the military and relying on older forms of media and the media coverage of U.S. military throughout his service. Our interview is finished...

Judy Salamacha and Amy Mastbaum

One Small Step partners Judy Salamacha (76) and Amy Mastbaum (60) discuss their careers, media literacy, and having difficult conversations with your community.

Andrew Rupprecht and Jeanne Vecchione

One Small Step partners Andrew Rupprecht (55) and Jeanne Vecchione (69) discuss education, the COVID-19 vaccine, and political values.

Media Evolution Talk with my Mom

In this interview we talk about how my mom has seen media evolve over her life.