Emma Bentley Ruzicka and John Bentley

Emma Bentley Ruzicka (34), interviews her grandfather Dr. John Bentley (86) about his time in the Navy, how he met his wife, becoming a doctor, and the experiences that followed him from state to state.

Jack and Thomas Brand

Going through his dads life, Jack and his dad reflect on the days of his sports and the best memories he has gained from his experiences as a caddy, coach, and everything else.

Sylvia Morris and Angela Walker

Long time friends and former classmates, Sylvia Elizabeth Morris (54) and Angela CB Walker (54), talk about meeting at Georgetown University School of Medicine. They also talk about a book they have recently published with three friends who are also...

Daniel Lawrence and Kim Welsh

One Small Step partners Daniel "Dan" Lawrence (67) and Kim Welsh (61) share a conversation about their upbringings and their concerns about divisiveness in the US. They talk about the opioid epidemic, the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination, and their families.

Paul Gottlieb and Caryn Diamond-Gottlieb

Paul Gottlieb (73) talks with his daughter Caryn Diamond-Gottlieb (40) about growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Paul shares about his family, influential people in his life, why he decided to go to medical school, and his involvement in politics...

Jacob Bonnafoux and Bethany Kolb

Jacob Bonnafoux (25) and Dr. Bethany Kolb (57) come together to talk about their non-traditional paths in medical school and finding support in higher education, especially as Bethany endowed a scholarship at the University of New Mexico, which Jacob received....

Fiameta Pellicer and Stephen Pellicer

Stephen Pellicer (39) interviews his mother Fiameta Pellicer (72) about her decisions in how to raise him with regard to his Filipino heritage, and Fiameta tells Stephen about her journey in serving as a psychiatrist in academic and private practice.

William Callaghan and Emily Petersen

Emily Petersen (38) interviews her colleague William Callaghan (65) about his medical career as a practicing OB-GYN, and as an epidemiologist and public health professional at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Nasir Rasheed talks about his childhood, career and life as a teen with his daughter Sidrah Rasheed.

In this interview recorded on May 4, 2018 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Sidrah Rasheed interviews her dad, Nasir Rasheed about his childhood, career and life as a teen. He shares his story about immigrating from Karachi, Pakistan to the USA....

Brian Bonte, Bridgett Bonte-Chun, and Bea Bonte

Sisters Bridgett Bonte-Chun (33) and Bea Bonte (27) interview their father Brian Bonte (60) about his childhood in Belmont, IA, his medical practice, and how his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has affected his life.

Charles Lockwood and Jay Wolfson

Jay Wolfson (70) shares a conversation with his friend and colleague, Dr. Charles Lockwood (67), about Charles’s career, his leadership, the moral compass that guides his work, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruce Ribner and Barbara Ribner

Dr. Bruce Ribner (70) talks to his wife, Barbara Ribner (65), about his education, the beginning of his career as a medical professional, and most importantly, when his department at Emory became the first in the Western Hemisphere to treat...

Dr. Louis Caplan and his son Jeremy Caplan

Dr. Louis R Caplan (84) talks with his son, Jeremy Caplan (45) about life growing up in Baltimore, at Williams College, and in medical school at Boston, as well as meeting his wife, Brenda Caplan.

Thinking about the future

A brother and sister talk about how the choices made in the past change the future

Papa at medical school

This is a story of how my grandpa sneaked into his medical school building the night before his first day at school to see the cadaver sonhe wouldn’t throw up in front of his peers.

Eleanor Lipsmeyer

Dr. Eleanor Lipsmeyer tells about her life growing up and going to medical school at a time when there were not many women in medicine.

Joe Davis and Barbara Davis

Siblings, Barbara Davis (61) and Joe Davis (54), reminisce about their childhood in Miami, FL, tell stories about their family traditions, and reflect on how their parents helped shape who they are today.

My Mother, a Doctor

This was an interview conducted for the purposes of my AP Lang and Comp class. I ask my mother first, questions about her childhood and growing up. Then the questions gradually progress to the topic of academia and more specifically...

Shayna Sessler and Lonnie Sessler

Shayna Sessler (45) interviews her father, Lonnie Sessler (72), about his early childhood and family, his decision to attend medical school, as well as the opportunity he had to live in Scotland.

Interviewing Nanna about childhood, college, and medical school

We talked about her life as a little girl, what she studied in college, and her time in medical school

An Interview with my 89-year-old grandfather, Emmit Ackdoe

This interview is with my grandpa, as he recounts his professional studies in Psychiatry, his love for The Little Prince, his travels to Paris and the rest of the world, and how he met my grandmother and raised a family,...