Occupational Therapy: Living Life to its Fullest! Lived Experience Interview of Dr. Dawn Evans

In this inspirational interview, Dr. Dawn Evans describes her lived experience as an agent of change in the occupational therapy profession as well as Northeastern Board President of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Dr. Dawn Evans is also a...

A week in a mental hospital

MaryJo Rotella recently had been admitted into Brylin Mental Hospital and she shares her thoughts on mental illness and her time being there.

Interview With Bella

We talked about family, what we’ve learned growing up, and influential memories and people.

Prostate Cancer in the African-American Community

Leroy Harmon Jr talks about his experience with prostate cancer and the effects it has on him and the black community.

Nia Hodge and Sherry Neil

Sherry Neil (49) and Nia Hodge (50) talk about the importance of community, conversations about mental health for Black women, and their hopes for Fresno in terms of equity.

interview with dad
November 6, 2022 App Interview

An interview with Kenneth Knox, age 42. Talks about his views on his life, family, abortion, and mental health.

Giancarlo Disporto Oral History

In this interview with Sarah I discuss the correlation between mental health and the gym and the benefits it has.

The fight for mental health

Jessica Schick talks about her fight for mental health and how important a single person can be to you.

Occupational Therapy: Living Life to its Fullest! Lived Experience Interview of Dr. Michael Pizzi

Dr. Pizzi is an Occupational Therapist, professor and Wellness Lifestyle Coach with 38 years of experience. I had the opportunity to interview with him today regarding his experience as an agent of change and recommendations for the field of occupational...

My Fathers Life Story

We talked about my father’s mental health throughout all of the incidence’s that he has had to dealt with as an adult. We also talked about his outlook of the future and what he enjoys most about me.

Life in Quarantine: Aniceto Andres Solares Part 1

After living through a pandemic since March 2020, five people share their unique experiences and how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their lifestyle, mental health, physical health, views, etc. Recorded August 16, 2020

Health Interview
December 16, 2021 App Interview

My grandmother, a pharmacist describes her personal understanding of American healthcare as shaped by her life experiences.

My Experience With Bullying And How That Has Changed My Perspective On Leadership

Audrey and I talk about my experience with moving across the country, going through bullying, and my mental health journey and how I feel like these things impacted how I present myself as a leader.

Bailey’s College Try: Enrolling in a Growth Mindset

Andie’s (interviewer) sister Bailey (interviewee) shared her experiences and conflicts with the college curriculum. She explains the misconceptions she was taught to believe in high school, the fluctuation of her mood throughout the process of unenrolling, and a little bit...

Ethical Situation

An ethical dilemma in a workplace that deals with mental health issues.

Kelah Forest Hatcher and Leah Hatcher, daughter and mom. What are you most proud of? "That I'm still here." ~Kelah

leahhatcher: 2022-04-20 18:45:43 Leah, 53 years old, and Kelah, 27 years old, are mother and daughter. Kelah shares about her childhood memories, shenanigans, siblings, friends, teachers and also about her hopes and dreams for her future.

Riyaan's Interview

Riyaan talks about how he missed nature amid the COVID 19 and staying at home. He was home schooled for two months due to the pandemic and realized how important was the teacher's role in their education. He also tells...