Sarah & Rachel — our Mothers, Family — The Graves Family

My cousin Sarah & I discuss our mothers, their childhoods, ourselves, our daughters & our extended family of aunts, uncles & cousins

DC Healthy Transitions

Early preventative mental health measures for youth as they transition to adulthood are a key to healthy development.

Progress and Paradox: Our childhoods

My Grandmother and I discuss all of our experiences growing up and how that shaped who we are today

Occupational Therapy: Living Life to its Fullest! Lived Experience Interview of Dr. Michael Pizzi

Dr. Pizzi is an Occupational Therapist, professor and Wellness Lifestyle Coach with 38 years of experience. I had the opportunity to interview with him today regarding his experience as an agent of change and recommendations for the field of occupational...

My friend Jaden

Jaden and Rachael discuss a lifelong friendship and the struggles they have been through together, and Jaden’s mental health adventures.

What does nature mean to you?

This interview looks at connections to nature with a focus on mental health.

Interview with Grandma Donna

I used to want to work in a mental hospital, and so I asked my grandma a couple questions. It still sounds like fun but it also sounds dangerous. I’m glad I talked with my grandma. My grandma also wants...

Stigmatization of Mental Illness in the Media

Emily Henderson discussing the stigmatization of mental health in the Media with her brother, Hernon Henderson, a diagnosed bipolar survivor.

Military and Mental Health

A dialogue on the stigmas faced by men in the military.

great thanksgiving listen

Ashley (my sister) and I mostly talked about what we’ve gone through together and how much we need each other in life. I added a few extra questions of my own in the end, because i felt like the recommended...

Mental Health

I talked to my good friend Jaedon about his personal life and he opened up to me about his mental health issues.

The fight for mental health

Jessica Schick talks about her fight for mental health and how important a single person can be to you.

Alex Garcia Culture and Mental Illness

Recent UNT graduate discusses the culture he was raised in on Texas by his Hispanic parents. He also shares about the prevalence of mental illness in American society.

Mental Health and Activism with Joana Yabes

Conversation between friends about bad experiences and turning them into life changing motives.

The affects of Social media on health and society

VCU Biology major Madelyn Via gives her insight on the affects of social media on health