Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

My mother had major depression after my father passed away and dealt with it for 5 years or so. She eventually over came the depression after realizing that she needed too.

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

My interviewee said that my family would not believe that they had a Mental Illness and and wouldn’t react as to being very supportive and comforting. Secondly, they said they would not be treated differently because of the illness because...

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

My brother held many strong thoughts on the topic of Mental Illness. Also, more thoughts than I would have ever imagined actually. In school he encounters individuals with mental Illnesses and he is able to accept them for who they...

Barbara Fiebig Bennett Interview

Barbara talks about her experience working in hospitals where gender confirmation surgery was conducted, developing community, and advice for young queer people

Much More in 16 Years

In this interview, Ruby Doran (16) interviews her mother, Susan Doran (49), about what she had been like to raise, and how Ruby's struggles with mental illness affected her mother.

A Conversation With My Dad About My Sister and I

Fitz Dettmer (18) has a personal talk with his dad, Matthew Dettmer (50) about raising him and his sister Graelyn (22), both of whom are queer and neurodivergent. Discussions of when differences were noticed, why, the different atmospheres they were...

“Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness”

This interview is between my dad and I about his view on mental illness for my thanksgiving assignment for my psychology class.

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

I interviewed my abuelita from my moms side of the family. We spoke on mental illnesses and talked about her perception of it. My mom was translating the questions so she could understand since she doesn't know much English. The...

Listening to Others Interview

This interview was about beauty ideals, body image, objectification, and mental illness.

Ralph talks about his identity and family of origins, not wanting to be in a box, and his desire for community.

Ralph grew up in Philadelphia. He describes his family's values of kindness, growing up with a mother who was bi-polar, and his constant desire for community. He speaks on his identity, age, and speaking one's mind. He moved to San...

Tessa And Kate November 2018

This is an interview with Kate Lindstrom over the topics body image, sexuality, family, and mental illnesses

Mental illness

I did an interview on my mom who works in a hospital and sees people have mental illnesses