Immigration Stories Italy: Osmil

Osmil is a recent immigrant to Italy from Guatanamo, Cuba having only arrived 7 months ago. Osmil is in the country on a visiting visa living with his sister in Piotello, a town on the outskirts of Milan. Osmil has...

The History of the Ross family, with Kevin Ross. From Mexico, to Arizona, to California.

Ashton Ross interviews his father Kevin Ross about his life, values, and family history. And they discuss the regional history of California, Arizona, and Mexico, and what it’s like to live on the border of two unique cultures.

Guly Motameni and Nooria Hanifi

Friends Guly Motameni (58) and Nooria Hanifi (58) talk about how they left Afghanistan in their young adulthood, what Afghanistan was and is like, and why they're thankful for their friendship and lives in the US.

2018 Art Action Day – Meriam Bousselmi “I can be denied a visa, but no one can prevent the wanderings of my soul and spirit.”

In preparation for the 2018 Art Action Day, the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) of PEN America interviewed artists from all over the world to ask them about the importance of art and free movement in their lives. Meriam Bousselmi...

Migrating for religious freedom

An interview done by Naomi Gebru a 19 years old student from Concordia college, Moorhead, Minnesota on the story Mubina Rasulova a 21 years old student at Concordia college shares with her about her homeland , religious freedom and what...

Interviewing an Iraqi Refugee

My name is Nadia Albino, an MSW student at Loyola University Chicago. In this interview I speak to Moustafa Aldouri. As a student specializing in migration studies I focused on the experience of a refugee in the United States. Moustafa...

Monserrat Macias Moreno and Jacqueline Jaramillo

Monserrat Macias Moreno (29) speaks with her friend and mentor Jacqueline "Jackie" Jaramillo (72) about their identity as Latinas, their family histories, and their hopes for the Latino population in the United States.

Interview with my father

For the most part we talked about how life was like for my father growing up. We also talked about his life while at school.

From Russia/Ukraine to Cleveland

My dad’s coming to America was not as easy as I once thought. My dad, his parents, and his grandparents all immigrated from Russia/Ukraine to Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1997 because they were exiled. I’ve never heard this story...

Ethnic studies interview

My dad (Al Bastidas) was interviewed by his daughter what is was like coming to American from Colombia

Great Migration

My mother, Ora Mae, moving from Shelby, MS to Chicago, IL. Her experiences with segregation in Chicago.

Mi Casa Es Aquí: Alexa Morales & Her Grandmother Guadalupe Bravo

Alexa Morales (20) interviews her grandmother, Guadalupe Bravo (72) about her family's origins, childhood in Mexico, migration to the United States with her family, and family traditions.

Our Immigration Story

Why my great grandparents had migrated. Also the hardships that they faced

Belinda Bruner and Cynthia Blair

One Small Step partners Belinda Bruner [no age given] and Cynthia Blair (70) share their experiences with racism in small towns, their careers, their father's influence on their lives, and various other anecdotes.

My Father's Migration Journey

Tomas Camacho (53) talks with his daughter, Isabel Camacho (22) about his migration journey to the United States from Mexico and his experience in a new country.

Adria Dunn and Irene Dunn

Daughter and mother Adria Dunn (52) and Dr. Irene Dunn (74) discuss their family history, legacy, and Irene's decision to join the Army Reserve.