Erika Saylor and Lorrie McNeal Saylor

Erika Saylor (36) interviews her mother Lorrie McNeal Saylor (59) about her 20-year career in the U.S. Navy, memories from her time onboard ships, and how these experiences have shaped her life.

Timothy Parker and Laura Barnes

Timothy Parker (66) speaks with his daughter Laura Barnes (30) about his experiences in the Air Force traveling around Europe and working with nuclear weapons storage, and reflections on transitioning into civilian life.

Lani Bautista Cabanilla and Edwardo Gillison

Lani Bautista Cabanilla (37) speaks with her museum colleague and friend of the board Ed Gillison (50) about their respective roles at The New Children's Museum, their first experiences visiting the museum, the impact it has for children and adults...

Michael Callahan and Emily Callahan Thompson

Michael "Mike" Callahan (60) speaks with his daughter Emily Callahan Thompson (30) about his experiences in the US Army before the fall of the Iron Curtain, and later memories with the Coast Guard on rescue missions for the 1991 Perfect...

Shirley Coker-Kerr and Leah Kerr

Shirley Coker-Kerr (84) shares stories of her life as a Black military spouse with her daughter, Leah Kerr (63). She recalls the positives and negatives of military life, including experiences with racist segregation in the south. Together, Shirley and Leah...

Victoria Holmes and Amy Buesing

Victoria Holmes (81) and her niece Amy Buesing (61) chronicle their family's history in the military, and Victoria also talks about her and her husband's experiences traveling the world as a military family.

Tina Dalcour and John Dalcour

Tina Dalcour (69) speaks to her son John Dalcour (43) about her career in the United States Army, being married to an Army husband and raising children, and memories of moving to White Sands, New Mexico.