Dane Blanchard, a former National Guardsmen, shares his experience in the military.

Savannah McCool, a high school sophomore in EAST, interviews Dane Blanchard, a former member of the National Guard, about his military career. They discuss basic training, the impacts of military service, and what civilians should know about being in the...

Interview with my Grandpa Paul

In this interview, conducted on November 23, 2023 in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Hannah interviews her grandpa and asks questions about his life as well as experience in the military. He also shares his experience of living in the 1950s.

Nicole Snow Story Corps Interview

Interview with my father who served in the military for 5 years.

StoryCorps Military interview -Social studies extra credit

My grandfather’s military service was talked about. We discussed details related to his personal experience.

Skylar Andersen Interviewing Thomas Dietrich

Skylar Andersen interviews Thomas Dietrich about his military service in the 1970's.

Skylar Andersen Military Interview with Thomas Dietrich

Thomas Dietrich was interviewed about his service in the military in teh 1970's.

Angie Blevins and Michaela Loisel

Angela "Angie" Blevins (62) is interviewed by Michaela Loisel (66) about her 27 years serving in the military. During her military career, Angie worked primarily as an illustrator draftsman. Her service was spent in the Navy, Maine Army National Guard,...

Recording – 11-26-2023 17:31:22

I interviewed my Grandpa, Steve. He is 74 and we talked about his experience in the military and other random topics.

Leroy Hardeman and Theodore Hornoi-Centerwall

One Small Step conversation partners Leroy Hardeman (45) and Theodore "Ted" Hornoi-Centerwall (69) discuss serving in the military and their changing perspectives as they go through their lives.

Mark-Anthony Dipacido

Marc-Anthony Dipacido served in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years following high school. His experiences in the corps molded him into the man he is today.

Hilary Coakley and Bradley Baker

In a One Small Step conversation Hilary Coakley (54) and Brad Baker (65) discuss the role religion plays in their lives, politicians they admire, the importance of freedom of opinion, fear of the divisiveness in the United States, and the...

Victoria Shaw and Oscar Martinez

Colleagues Victoria Shaw (52) and Oscar Martinez (62) discuss Oscar's military service in the Air Force, his time as a narcotics police officer, and his childhood memories of growing up in Texas.

Aug 18 2020 1:26 pm Louis Voros & Beth Moeller for the Senior Citizens Day Griswold Home Care Fairfield County Resilience Project

Beth Moeller (57) of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County and Louis Voros (77) of Fairfield, CT sit down via StoryCorps connect to discuss wisdom gleaned from a life of hard work and perseverance. Hear Lou share how a quest for...

Ernest Mathewson talks about his experience being drafted in the Vietnam era and why that might not have been a bad thing to happen to him

James Connolly interviews his grandfather, Ernest Mathewson. Ernest describes his experiences with luck and fate. Ernest started as a somewhat troubled middle school student. During high school he was sent to a military school where his grades drastically improved and...

Kylie Stutzman Interviewing Lucas Wheeler

Kylie Stutzman, age 18, interviewing Lucas Wheeler, age 27. Lucas is Kylie's father's coworker. They are talking briefly about his family and focusing on the time he served in the military.

Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice

[Recorded October 7th, 2021] Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice, both undergraduate students at the University of Virginia, have a One Small Step conversation. They discuss their family backgrounds, Marquis's military service, being a first generation college student, and how their...

Frank Reteguiz and Shaun McCurdy

One Small Step conversation partners Frank Reteguiz (32) and Shaun McCurdy (41) discuss their time working in the military and in law enforcement, and how it shaped their perspectives.

Conversation with Art Curby, United States Air Force Veteran
November 10, 2023 App Interview

Mr. Curby and I had a conversation about his service in Financial Management for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research from 2003-2022. We discussed his memories of training as well as specific experiences at all of the countries he...