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A fathers journey

A man had to go through the struggles to change his mindset. For his kids, siblings, and the people he loved. “The greatest accomplishment in my life are my children.”

Trista Paris and her father Lester Paris talk about his military experience

This interview was taken place in the master bedroom at my house. It was recorded on December 1st, 2020. We discussed what happened in his life during the military and if he was prepared or not. We also discussed how...

COVID 19 Experience

I wanted to interview Paea because as an international student COVID 19 brought a lot of new challenges that we weren’t ready for but something that prepared us better for the future. But this also gave a chance to stay...

“Mind over Matter”
November 27, 2017 App Interview

On November 26, 2017, Sean Lau will interview Joseph Fortunat, the youth leader for St. John Vianney Church. He will be asked about his lifestyle and how the people present in his life have affected him up until now. These...

Bailey’s College Try: Enrolling in a Growth Mindset

Andie’s (interviewer) sister Bailey (interviewee) shared her experiences and conflicts with the college curriculum. She explains the misconceptions she was taught to believe in high school, the fluctuation of her mood throughout the process of unenrolling, and a little bit...

The Importance of your daily Mindset

Timothy Davidson is a GREAT friend of mine. We met at church as he is the Video Production leader at the church. Tim discusses the importance of being intentional on having your mindset correct during the ups and downs of...

Important life events

Listening to a person talk about things that has happened prior to where they are now

Thanksgiving Project

Today interviewed my sister about different topics on life. She talked about who impacted her the struggles she went through and certain concepts needed in order to succeed. My sister truly is an amazing person who has been through a...

The Suprising Life of a Dad
December 4, 2017 App Interview

Ups and downs in life can make an interesting story. On November of 2017 Ian Kim interviews his dad Yong Ho Kim about his early High School life. The story takes place from 1984 in South Korea, and it shows...

communication in key project

In this interview process, I learned a little bit more about my dad; Luis. My dad is 47 about to turn 48 on March 8th. We talked briefly about how he achieved his goals in life and what else he...

David Thormodsgard talks with Mrs. Kathy Berkemeyer about books, learning and a love of life.

From old books that still apply today to poetry that brings you back in time, literature and other forms of art still convey the same basic emotions that humans have felt and will feel, which is why so much of...

Coming 2 América

In this interview conducted on May 30th 2022 in Salt Lake City Utah, Angie Linschoten (18) interviews her uncle Ignacio Valdez (42) about history Coming to America from Mexico. They conversed about obstacles of immigrating to other countries perspectives and...