Story corps midterm project

Just questions I asked my mom that I wanted to know more about.

My mom

Me and my mother have a long conversation about the good and bad things that come with living

Thanksgiving interview project

Interview over Thanksgiving break with my mom (Kristie-40 years old) and me (Avery-16 years old). We talked about family, relationships, and lots of memories.

Alexa Estrada Interviews Karla Barrera

Alexa Estrada(17) interviews her mother Karla Barrera(36) on how COVID-19 has affected her personally.

Learning about Dylan

During your life you should really try hard and not give up. In every conversation you can learn about people and a few life lessons.

My first interview with Nana

A short five question interview with my eight year old

Julie talking about some of her highschool years and parents.
November 28, 2023 App Interview

Ava(16) and Julie(54), mother and daughter, interviewed on November 26, 2023 in Valpo. Julie is asked about her younger years and about her grandparents, Ava was told about fun memories that Julie had. She was also asked about her work...

Gabriella Loyola interviews her mom Maria Dareen Loyola

14 year old, Gabriella Loyola interviews her mom Maria Dareen Loyola on growing up, love life, raising her children, names and traditions.

Sharon and Sierra Sorrentino

Sharon Sorrentino would sing the opening song, Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour,'' to her daughter, Sierra Sorrentino, constantly when she was a baby. Perhaps it was her choir background that gave her the chops to adapt the great Wonder’s lyrics...

interview w mom

My mom talking about me and how it was for her when i was growing up.

My Mother

I interviewed my mother and asked her questions on different topics.

What is it Like Being a Teacher and a Parent?

In this interview, I dive into the world of teaching from a parents point of view. The person who I am interviewing is my mom, Terry Brogan. She has been both a paraprofessional and an elementary school teacher and a...

Storytelling Assignment

This was an interview done between my mom and I. I asked her questions about her and me, and told her how I felt about her.

Arianna Francis interviews her mother Barbara Francis about her early life and experiences

Arianna asks her mom Barbara all about life growing up and her values in present day. Barbara grew up in Manhattan and shares her experiences from living there for her early life.

Period 2 interview Mia Martinez

interviewing my mom on how she started working at a young age and how choosing work over college affected her in the long run and how her two babies played a part in all that.