Daughter and Mother “Partner in Crime”

This is an interview of my mother and I, shes the most influential person in my life and I mostly knew all the answers to these question but I ask them anyway. We are practically identical and she is my...

Mother and daughter discuss important pieces of advice

Daughter (Morgan) and Mother (Amanda) talk about some good advice to take. Amanda tells Morgan about regrets she has, things she’s proud of, etc. Morgan gets to learn more about her mom and connect with her.


MiShaye improve and ask her mother random questions.

Why I am Who I am

In this interview I spoke with my mom about her childhood and how it affects he parenting style

My mom’s experiences and her views.

My Mom and I sat in my room and talked about her experiences with immigrating to America from Taiwan and the path she took to get here. My Mom along with her younger siblings all came to America to seek...

Mommy and I

I asked my mother questions and found out some new stuff, it felt good to sit down and have a long talk.

“I see the way you are and I’m very proud”

I interviewed my mother and asked her some questions about her past and present. I learned things about her that I didn’t know before.

Sandy Curiel and her mom talks about how life shaped the way we are.

In this interview , day taken this interview was September 27, 2018 in Bronx Ny , in this interview Sandy C interviewed her mother , Guadalupe Perez about how life has shaped them the way they are. The expectations and...

First time I was in a cop car.

All the times I got left behind and how my mom felt about it.

The Past And Now

A view of the past hardships and philosophical ideals of Mae Lynn Rita.