Dane Dowell and Holly Dowell – Wife of 47 Years and Mother of Four.

May 10, 2020 - Dane Dowell (36) talks with mother, Holly Carter Dowell (68) about her life, from growing up in Virginia, eldest of six kids, to being a wife and mother of four kids and moving around the United...

Coming to America: An interview with my mom

This was a interview with my mom and her expericence before and after she came to America. It was located in flushing new york on november 25 2018.

A Household of Boys

Reece Bode interviews his mother, Tanya Bode, and discuss how she raised a household full of boys.

Inside the Life of My Mom

Talk about my moms life and raising her children.

11-20-19 mom+sam

I interviewed my 39 year old Mother. I asked her a few random questions about people she has known in her life, predictions of her future/the future of the world in general, and about her overall values. I learned more...

Son Asks Mother About Her Interesting Life

The son asks various questions covering various topics scattered across the interview regarding politics, family, teenage years, and many other things.

Steven Hennig and Marilyn Hennig

Steven Hennig (58) interviews his mother Marilyn Hennig (86) about her life before and after landing in Yuma.

The story of my mother

This interview is taken place in my humble warm place I call home. I interviewed my mom named Sandra Aguilar, who is the age of 35. In this she speaks about her life, her past experiences, the lessons she has...

A Recount of A Rural Texas Life

In this interview, conducted on November 20th, 2017, in Wylie, Texas, Alexa Helm (14) interviews her grandmother Charlotte Ann Helm (78), or as she calls her, Gran, and invites her father, Mark Helm (52), Mrs. Helm's son, to contribute to...

Jacob Arnold and his mother Paula Arnold talking about her youth

I talked with my Mother, Paula Arnold who is 69 years old. We talked about her upbringing and youth all the way through her mid twenties. We focused on Financial advice and compared it with modern times, along with some...

Oral History Interview

Grant Jones and his mother, Kim Jones, discuss Kim’s life for a school project.

Kerica Williams and Ronald Wagner

Kerica Williams (47) and her son Ronald Wagner (21) share a conversation about travel, their aspirations for the future, and their relationship.

Mother and Son ( the child not in Texas)

Early childhood stories including how our parents met and stories of when mom remarried. Growing up in Buena Park Ca and in Connecticut.

Mom and Son

Chatting about my sons experience since moving from Pasadena to Orange County and the life he’s built here since then and sharing those moments along with other tidbits from the Life of a 13 year old!