Joshua Rule Interviews Jenny Rule (Mother) about her views on things

In this interview, conducted Nov. 25 2018 in Whitewater, WI, Joshua Martin Rule and Jenny Anne Rule talk about various topics and end with if she has any regrets.

Interviewing Chasity Neivel and her family life experiences.

A short interview about life growing up and a discussion about her being the only daughter of five, her marriage, children, and having a mother who came out as being gay.

Mom Interview

I interviews my mother about her past and how it influenced her life.

Motherhood: Lessons from Generation to Generation

My mom, Shirin, grew up in an Iranian-American home, then suddenly lost her mother when she was 14. We talk about how those experiences shaped her and her perspectives on motherhood.

Interview with my mom!

interview with my bestfriend, mother, and favorite person.

Aniella and her great Grandmom talk about her life and growing up during the wars.

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2019 in Stockton, New Jersey. Aniella interview her great Grandmom about her past and what life was like living during WWII and the Korean War. They talk about living in Trenton, New Jersey...

Sandy Curiel and her mom talks about how life shaped the way we are.

In this interview , day taken this interview was September 27, 2018 in Bronx Ny , in this interview Sandy C interviewed her mother , Guadalupe Perez about how life has shaped them the way they are. The expectations and...

"My mother urging me to be self sufficient left me craving attention."

A mother goes through her life reflecting on how her childhood (or the lack thereof) shaped her mindset on life. There were a lot of amazing memories and damaging mistakes made, but how we learn and grow from those should...

Cara interviews her mom, talking about childhood and how it changed her

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Rexford, New York, Cara (16) interviews her mom about life as a child and how it changed her. She asks her to describe her childhood, moving from state to state, and how...

Tokeya Graham and Keilani Graham

Tokeya Graham (48) shares a conversation with her daughter, Keilani Graham (23), about the way the pandemic has shifted their relationship, as well as their understanding of personal creativity. They also discuss living authentically while centering autonomy.

JoAnn McCarty and Amy Mack

One Small Step partners JoAnn McCarthy (60) and Amy Mack (63) discuss teaching, the COVID-19 pandemic, and motherhood.

Great Thanksgiving Listen – Chloé Brunner and her Mom, Jane Wilson (11-26-2023)

This interview was recorded on November 26, 2023 in Flemington NJ. Chloé Brunner interviews her mom, Jane Wilson, about her life growing up and her childhood. Jane Wilson talks about what it was like to live on a military base...

Lisa Mason 10.14.18

We talked about Lisa’s military service, volunteering and our friendship.

Motherhood Interview

This is a short interview with my mother on her experience with raising children and how it changed over the years between having her first child to having her 5th child.

IRED Assignment

I just asked my friend Lydia some questions.

My mom

This is a small glimpse into what being my mom was like

my childhood

In this short short recording I ask my Hispanic mom about how she perceived me when I was a new born and what she would want for my future kids.

Talking with my beautiful mother.

We talked about her early life, what she has accomplished, and what it was like coming to the United States

Interview project.

This interview is between a mom and her daughter and in her words she described it as “the joy and blessings of parenthood and of being a mother.”