English Project

This is an interview with my mother and questions about her life and how I have affected it. She did a great job and the answers surprised me.

The great thanksgiving listen

My mom answers questions that I’ve never heard her answer before

Gertie, Me and Memory on Memorial Day

Gertie and Anna talk candidly about cancer during Covid19 and finding safe spaces to live and heal. They cover topics around misogyny, mountain life, compassion, doll making and women’s health and empowerment.

HFA Seminar Thanksgiving Interview

I interviewed my mother over this thanksgiving break home about her time growing up and what she hopes for my future.

Learning about Mom and her past.

In this interview conducted by Isaac Morales conducted on November 14 2020 we learn about his mother’s past. Norma Parra tells his son about what her life was when she was younger and how it made her who she is.

Mom interview

We talked about when I was born, what I was like, and what her happiest memory was of me.

Eva talks about her life before she came to America and after she came. ” How did you feel when you came to America”

In the first parts of the interview Eva talks about her life in Ecuador and all her memories of her home country. Then during the next part of the interview She talks about her life when she first came to...

Clementine Little Hess and Katherine Hess Little on Mother's Day

Clementine Hess: 2020-05-10 14:28:18 Clementine Hess (34) interviews her mother, Kay Little on mother's day. Topics discussed include parenting, family and chronic pain.

Interview with Patricia Routh

Interviewing Patricia Routh about her life and role as a mother.

The great thanksgiving listen

My mother and I have a chat about our family history, her history, and her acomplishments.

Angelina Chacon-Garcia and Georgette Garcia

Mother, Georgette Garcia (61), and her daughter Angelina Chacon-Garcia (31) discuss Georgette's life and their family history.

Lunch Date with Mom

Talking with my mom Jan about her experiences as a mother and as a woman.

Grandma’s achievements and wisdom

We discussed my grandmothers top greatest achievements in life. She talked about the person who influenced her the most in life which is her mother. Finally, she gave a piece of advice to hold onto forever.

La reina de todas las cosas

The youth of my mother was filled with success and secret rebellion, untold words kept self, and the life of a blossoming mother balancing work and family to an extent.

Lauren Jensen and Gina Federighi

Lauren Jensen (38) talks with her third cousin, Gina Federighi (21) about pregnancy and motherhood while living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Me & Mommy

My mother talking about life and what she wants for me in the future.

Mom and daughter chat

We talked about what my mom childhood was and her life.:)

Interview with my mom

In this interview we discuss motherhood and our relationship.