Grandma Tartell

interview of Grandma on what she is most proud of, people who impacted her life, and how she wants to be remembered.

Interviewing my mom.

My mom & I talked about a few personal topics & I pretty much asked her about her life & what she’s proud of. Most of the questions are either about her or her opinions on me.

Lauren Jensen and Gina Federighi

Lauren Jensen (38) talks with her third cousin, Gina Federighi (21) about pregnancy and motherhood while living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Talking to my mom about her life before moving to Las Vegas and about some of her proudest moments being a mom.

Threw a mother’s eyes

Felicia being a single parent how that changed her life completely with a supportive family.

A Grandmother's Wisdom and Reflections

Miriam (Mimi) Dunham is a wife, mother of 5, sister and grandmother. She reflects on her parents and childhood, proudest moments and some of her regrets. (Apologies for some spotty audio issues!)

Thanksgiving recording

This interview was about just the life of the mother and daughter relationship. Also having a strong relationship with the ones you love.

Luis Martino asks his neighbor Sherry Eagon about certain parts in her life.

This interview is taken on November 26, 2017 in Canton, Ohio. Luis Martino interviews his nighbor Sherry Eagon who lives with her husband Don Eagon. She talks about her childhood and how she felt while growing up and when she...

Interview with my Significant Other

In this interview my significant other and I dive into experiences of her life that have changed her in many ways.

Mothers Love

In this interview, I talked with my mom about just everyday things. I got to re live the songs she used to sing me when I was a baby, and was reminded of the day my parents met, and got...

Mom and daughter chat

We talked about what my mom childhood was and her life.:)

House Mom

Sharon has lots of wisdom as a house mom of a sorority. She imparts her many years of wisdom to us by leading with her example and teaching us to be proud young women.

De Santiago a USA

La historia de una madre dominicana en búsqueda de un sueño americano

The miracle of me

Tracey’s childhood dream was to always have a kid one day. This did not come so easy to her. She had many complications throughout her pregnancy and even lost her babies. But there was still hope for her in the...

Interview over my moms work

My mom talks about what she does currently for work as well as what she did when she was younger. She also talks about stories from her work.

Life Story interview with Brenda VanWeezel and her son, Thomas VanWeezel

A writing contest was held for the 5th grade class at All Saints Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Out of 24 students, Thomas won the contest and received $500 towards his elementary tuition by the contest sponsor, Heritage Life Story...

Day After Thanksgiving With Grandma Pat

My Grandma Pat is 81 at the time of this interview. Also heard in the interview is my mom. Grandma Pat tells her story of what she’s thankful for, how she wants to be remembered, and her story of motherhood....

Julie Kaufman and Beth Wright for Stonewall OutLoud

Beth and Julie tell Karen about falling in love at Oberlin College, moving to California and later Chicago for graduate school, finding a welcoming Episcopalian church, having a ceremony, beginning their journey to have children during the AIDS epidemic, becoming...

English Project

This is an interview with my mother and questions about her life and how I have affected it. She did a great job and the answers surprised me.