Interview with my Mom

I ask my mom about her experiences getting pregnant, giving birth, and parenting.

My life so far

This was an interview that practically went through my life from my childhood till today

Interview con mi madre

My mom and I talk about the past and how our relationships have developed overtime. Also some family stuff and ADD

My grandmas wonderful mother

ever had a really good memory of your mom ? well my grandmother had a really funny one about her mother. In this interview she talks a little about her mother and her relationship with her. She loved her mom...

Avery Turk Interviews her Mother Danielle Turk-12/2019

In this interview, conducted on December 1st, 2019 in Penfield, New York, Avery Turk (16) interviews her mother Danielle Turk (45) about her childhood and adulthood and the memories she has acquired throughout the years. Danielle shares stories from her...

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019 with my Mom

Interviewing Laura Goodwin, my mom, with questions diving into the stories from my childhood.

When they speak we listen

Ms. Smiley is reminiscent of her younger days.

Listening to Momma

I asked my mom several questions about my childhood. We discussed what is was like to mother me all the way to how she feels about me soon becoming a wife.

Deep Listening Interview

Mattheus expressed his feelings about how his mother is being so absent and how it this matter so much for him.

Wanting the best for your child.

Asking questions about motherhood and what it means to be a mother at a young age.

Being a Single Mother, with my Mom & Great Grandmother

I Interviewed my mom and Grate Grandma about how it is being single parent.

A Conversation With My Mother

I sat down to talk with my mother about my 12 year old brother and the challenges that he faces daily.

Me interview my Mom (part 1)

This was cut short but the second part has more so don’t fret

My mother, Claudia Hortua, shares stories from her upbringing.

I interview my mother about her childhood in Colombia, coming to America, adopting a new culture, and the many lessons life has taught her. She shares experiences and people that have shaped her into the strong woman she is today.

The most strongest and beautiful mother I know

My mother is one of the most important people in my life and not only because she is my mother, but because she has worked really hard everyday, to give us a good life to my siblings and I. She...

Aidan Guchek interviewing his Mom

Me and my mom talked about what it was like when she was a kid. And also what her relationship with her parents were.

How “can’t” can make or break your journey

I asked my mother questions about her life from being a single mother to life lessons that she’s learned through the hardships she’s encountered.

Yasser and Mother

As life moves on, people will reflect upon their past so that future generations could learn from the mistakes others have made. I, Yasser, reflect upon my Mother’s, Hanaa, past as she approaches the conclusion of me becoming an adult...

Interview of Alexsandra

This Interview contains information about my mother that I hope others of the now generation and the future generation will be able to learn from and what experiences a person can experience in their life. The interview contains information about...

Parker Brown and her Aunt Morgan talk about current and past events

In this interview, conducted in November of 2018 over the phone, 14 year old Parker Brown interviews her Aunt Morgan about her childhood and her thoughts on current events. Morgan Green shares that the horrible days spent in high school...