The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 29, 2019 App Interview

I ask my mother a few questions about heart past and how parenthood has gone for her.

Insightful Lessons and Wisdom Regarding Life from my Mother.

I ask a few questions regarding my mother’s childhood memories and her life. Along with that, I also ask her to elaborate on some important lessons she learned in her life to help me and future generations.

storycorps recording
November 30, 2021 App Interview

We talked about Michael’s life, childhood, work, etc.

Interviewing Momma Bustos

Overall this was a neat experience to learn more about my mom.

Interview with Mom

I sat down with my mom to talk about her life and what she hopes for mine.


I am very thankful for my mother and the man above

Be postive

Me a d my mother have an interview

Respect (in Spanish)

My mother is with no doubt the person I admire the most and it's for many reasons, in this interview some of them come to light.

Hitchhiking in Africa

Judy Biboum the mother of Suzanne Biboum speaks about her very daring adventure in Africa and how it positively changed her confidence within herself and perspective of the world.

Trip to Germany

My mother’s trip to Germany and her life as a military wife.

interview with my mom about alcoholism and growth pt1 (honors college)

we discuss the struggles of dealing with a loved one with alcoholism and wise words to help with healing

Brandy Tolbert and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (24) interviews new friend Brandy Tolbert (34) about Brandy’s childhood, her family, and her children. Brandy also talks about her role as the director of the Literacy Alliance and how she discovered her passion for literacy work.

My Mother

A little snippet of a typical conversation with my mom.

Interview with My mother

Thomas Kay interviews Barbara Kay about her life, both her childhood and adult life. She talks about her family heritage and traditions and what life was like growing up in Manalapan, NJ. She also talks about her relationship with her...

Mothers Memory

For my StoryCorps interview, I decided to interview my mom, Ginny Campbell. I decided to interview my mom due to her being the only elder in my family to grow up in Vestavia as I did, thus creating a viewpoint...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom about her life and the struggles she has encountered and what she has learned.

Interview with Mom

Sitting down with my mother and asking her about her life.