The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke about the of cultural importance and past youthful experiences.

Michelle Sauve and Katherine Chon

Michelle Sauve [no age given] talks with her colleague Katherine Chon [no age given] about her childhood, her family, and how her childhood memories and family roots in Native American communities led her to pursue a career supporting Native American...

Michael Sumida and Hazel Diaz

Michael Sumida (33) shares his experiences as a medic in the military to his conversation partner Hazel Diaz (35). He discusses how his service challenged and shaped his morals and values, his work with Chief Seattle Club, and how becoming...

Preston Arrow-Weed, Ila Dunzweiler, and Helena Arrow-Wood

Friends Preston Jo Arrow-Weed [no age given], Helena Quintana Arrow-Weed (78), and Ila Mae Dunzweiler [no age given] discuss their non-profit radio station, some plays that Preston has written, and thoughts they have about outsider representations of Native Americans.

Regina Dijeau and how she lived her life

Today I interviewed my mom on her experience with life and she told me a lot of personal and fun details. She is a very good story teller and I believe there isn’t a dull moment in this interview. I...

Rebekah Williams and Amanda Williams

Rebekah Williams (54), talks with her daughter, Amanda Williams (31), about her childhood, her faith, marrying an Indian and experiencing both acceptance and racism, and her optimism.

Tanya works for the Family and Child Education (FACE) home visiting program and serves families of the Oneida Tribe Indians of Wisconsin.

Tanya Martin-Lopzez, is Pueblo of Pojoaque from northern New Mexico. She works for the Family and Child Education (FACE) home visiting program and serves families of the Oneida Tribe Indians of Wisconsin. The Family and Child Education (FACE) program was...

Ellie Bryan and Jeanne Croud

Ellie Bryan (21) talks to her friend Jeanne Boutang Croud (59) about her upbringing in Minneapolis and her racial identity - her mother is white, her father is biracial. Ellie is usually assumed to be white by people.

Madeline Wolfe: Native American Heritage

We talk about Madeline’s Native American heritage and how it affects her today

Erin Krommenhoek and Cassandra Toscano

Sisters Cassandra Toscano (44) and Erin Krommenhoek (32), discuss their grandmother's experience being kidnapped from her family and placed in a Catholic Indian Reservation School and the generational trauma it caused.

Emily Matt Salois

This interview was bases on Indian education policy and indian law.