Emily Matt Salois

This interview was bases on Indian education policy and indian law.

Taylor Loeffler

Tara best profile and her the Native American culture impact to her life.

Nino Reyos and Antonio De La Fuente

In this interview, conducted in January 11, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Antonio De La Fuente interviews a friend of the family’s, Nino Reyos about his life, to have an understanding of what he’s done and of his cultural...

Kelly Davis and Carol Smart

Actress and playwright Carol Smart (83) talks with Kelly Davis (43) about Carol's experience turning her grandmother’s life story into a one-woman show. Carol's grandmother, Doctor Rosa Minoka-Hill, was one of the first Native American women to become a physician.

Carla Yoder and Chloe Beelby
September 28, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Carla Yoder (68) and Chloe Beelby (42) discuss the well-being of kids, teaching, ancestry, and religion.

Interview on Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Interviewing a friend for my Women's Voices class. Includes discussion related to gender, sexuality, and Native American background.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke about the of cultural importance and past youthful experiences.

The Modern Native American
December 8, 2022 App Interview

An interview with a 1/2 native girl about her native culture and how it plays into her modern life.

Dylan Running Crane and Sean Chandler

Dylan Running Crane [no age given] interviews her colleague Sean Chandler (51) about his perspective and connection to his art, language revitalization, and Indigenous culture.

Michelle Sauve and Katherine Chon

Michelle Sauve [no age given] talks with her colleague Katherine Chon [no age given] about her childhood, her family, and how her childhood memories and family roots in Native American communities led her to pursue a career supporting Native American...

Marlo Faulkner and Bob Smee
October 20, 2022 App Interview

Marlo Faulkner, 80 years old and Bob, 75 years old meet for the first time and talk about their ancestry, politics, and serving their community

Bryon Kelly and a story of his life.

In this interview that was conducted on in May 2022, I (Michael Kelly) interview my father(Bryon Kelly) about his childhood and current life. Bryon shares his early childhood experiences about growing up in Glendora. He then transitions into how serving...

Stephen Fox and Leonard Hayes

One Small Step conversation partners Stephen Fox (72) and Leonard Hayes (61) discuss the power of divisive media, the importance of transparent government, and the challenges that Native Americans continue to face.

My interview with Deputy Hunt

I chose to interview deputy hunt. he is 42 years old and married. He was able to provide answers to all of the questions I asked him. I learn that his father was Native American.

A conversation with my grandmother

Please, If you have suffered from abuse or anything. PLEASE DON'T LISTEN, THERE IS HEAVY TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW. Me and my grandmother spoke about her past, growing up with her father who went to a boarding school. We both...

Miko Thomas: Native American Drag Queen and Activist

Dr Livingston interviews the man behind the queen, Miko Thomas, aka Landa Lakes. Choosing a protest name for his female persona, Miko has sent decades carving paths for future generations. In this interview, Miko talks about life as a child...