Through the Eyes of a Kailua Boy

Matt McDermott, born and raised in Kailua, converses about the places he’s been, what he has experienced, and what home means to him.

Me and My Grandma

I talk with my grandma about her life and what it was it like

Interview with Leon Cuervo

We talked about his life and what he thought of his life.

A chat about growing up, love, and faith.

This interview took place on November 25, 2018. The interviewee was Vicky Hoffman, my grandma. We talked about her entire life. Starting with childhood, her parents and grandparents and went on to talk about my pap. She also gave some...

EDIT Assignment

We talked about his life and how he feel about people and life. Also how he would and wouldn’t do some things

MK and Mrs. Sheila’s Interview

In this interview we talked about daily life and people who are admired and dreams.

Sister and I

She managed to have a good life even when she came to Chicago

Michel Newman talks about her childhood and how she would like to be remembered.

Interviewing my neighbor in her house about her life and childhood. November 24th 2017 at 11:25ish. We talked about her life struggles and what some of her favorite memories are. Michel and her family are our backyard neighbors, they moved...

Thanksgiving Listen-Lilly Bueck

We spoke of my mom (Nicole tuning), her life, and her thoughts. She told me about her past as well.

Interview with my Neighbor

This is the interview where I talked to my Neighbor whom we hardly talk to but this is the time where we learn more about him and what stories he have to mention.

Great thanksgiving interview
December 3, 2021 App Interview

We talked about Luz Palacios which is my mom and about her life her difficulties and what she accomplished. We also talked about her life before and after she moved to the US.

Cuco’s Interview

This is an interview of how was life growing up from my brothers perspective. At the time the world was different compared to today. There wasn't as much technology, and the way to enjoy yourself was with the people around...

The life of my great aunt.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview we discuss things such as family heritage, growing up & school, working, religion and spirituality. I think she gave some great advice.

Mrs. Sutton and Mrs. Delk

Mrs. Delk and mrs. Sutton are long time Grove Park resident interviewed by the Grove Park Foundation