I interviewed my grandmother this Thanksgiving about her difficult moments in life and how she overcame them.

Interview nyc

Asked different questions about their past experiences.

Interview with my grammy.

I asked questions to her about her life and how its changed from the 1960 to now. It has really changed

Kimberly Acosta and Francisco

Interviewing my neighbor,and knowing more of his life here.

James Ao and his dad talk about their favorite place in the world and some memories.

In the interview recorded in November, 2017 in Roslyn, NY, James interviews his step dad about his favorite place or in general his favorite everything. James’s dad shares his favorite childhood memories and memories right now on the people that...

Life of Sandra Marban

I learned about her life beyond what i see when i talk to her, and got more info about the things she did as a kid.

Life long interview

Charlene Lusk is a retired music teach who has a lot of things to explain about her teaching history as well as her childhood.


Allyson has enjoyed being with her cousin Kim the most

Erica’s Interview

My mom and I talked about her childhood, life lessons, and moral values that the future generation should take on with their life

My Life

My life is about my whole journey I had went to threw my whole life. It shaped me the person I am today

Listen and learn

We talked mostly about her childhood and the miny stories she can recall from it

Interview with my Neighbor

This is the interview where I talked to my Neighbor whom we hardly talk to but this is the time where we learn more about him and what stories he have to mention.